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Coro's Store is a location in Twilight Princess.[1] Situated in the southern portion of the Faron Woods, it is a small Shop owned by Coro who sells Lantern Oil for just twenty Rupees.

Features and Overview[]

When Link first talks to Coro in his Shop, he will give the young hero a free Lantern filled with Lantern Oil to boost his sales.[2] Later on, Coro will offer the young hero a special offer of a Empty Bottle filled with Lantern Oil for 100 Rupees.[3] Link may speak to Coro from that point on to get his Lantern refilled for just twenty Rupees.[4]

Wares and Pricing[]

Item Price
TP Lantern Oil Icon
Lantern Oil
TP Green Rupee Icon 100 Rupees
TP Lantern Oil Icon
Lantern Oil Refill
TP Green Rupee Icon 20 Rupees

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