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Coro's Lantern Shop
Coro at his Lantern Shop
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Coro's Lantern Shop is a shop in Twilight Princess. Situated in the southern portion of the Faron Woods, it is a small shop owned by Coro who sells Lantern Oil for just 20 Rupees.

Features and Overview

When Link first talks to Coro in his shop, he will give the young hero a free Lantern filled with oil to boost his sales.[1] Later on, Coro will offer the young hero a special offer of a Bottle filled with Lantern Oil for 100 Rupees.[2] Link can then speak to Coro from that point on to get his Lantern refilled for just 20 Rupees.[3]

Wares and Pricing

Item Price
TP Lantern Oil Icon.png
Lantern Oil
TP Green Rupee Icon.png 100 Rupees
TP Lantern Oil Icon.png
Lantern Oil Refill
TP Green Rupee Icon.png 20 Rupees

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  1. "Here! Go on, guy. Take this! See, I sell lantern oil here... I'm trying to drum up sales by giving away free lanterns! It's a business tactic, guy!" — Coro (Twilight Princess)
  2. "And check this out! I have a special, one-time offer of a bottle full of lantern oil for only 100 Rupees! How 'bout it, guy? What a bargain!" — Coro (Twilight Princess)
  3. "Whoa! Your lantern's out of fuel, guy! If you don't refuel it, you'll regret it later! Trust me on this one. So I can fill it to the brim with oil for just 20 Rupees!" — Coro (Twilight Princess)