"This is our general store, the Coral Reef! Here we have swift violets that will help you run faster if you cook and eat 'em. We also carry arrows for travelers. If you see something you like, just go grab it from the table."

Coral Reef is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is the general store of Zora's Domain, run by Cleff and owned by Marot. Along with the Dento's Blacksmith's workshop, it is part of Marot Mart. The shop has been in business for one hundred years and has a long and honorable history. However Cleff admits business has been slow recently and notes at the rate its going Coral Reef may have to close its doors like the armor shop run by Laflat's father which closed down due to the lack of Hylian visitors to Zora's Domain.


The shop sells mainly Fish, Arrows, Hylian Rice, Rock Salt, and Swift Violets. Interestingly, Hylian Rice and Sizzlefin Trout are not native to Lanayru Great Spring and Swift Violets are uncommon. Rock Salt presumably is acquired through mining Ore Deposits in Lanayru Great Spring as Zora's Domain requires Luminous Stones to maintain its aging structures. Chillfin Trout are a locally caught fish species as they can be found in the waters under Zora's Domain. However the shop is unable to sell Shock Arrows due to Zora being quite vulnerable to electricity. The shop is a useful place for easily procuring Chillfin Trout, Sizzlefin Trout, and Swift Violets for Cooking. The shop is also an ideal place to stock up on Ice Arrows which it sells in bundles of five or in singles.

Like other shops in Breath of the Wild the items it stocks are limited by a certain amount before the are out of stock, during which time Link will has to wait until Cleff restocks which requires Link to leave the area and return later as passing time via a Campfire or sleeping at the Seabed Inn has no effect on a shop or merchant's ability to restock. The best way to get it to restock is to warp to another part or several different parts of Hyrule preferably outside of Lanayru Great Spring, then warp back to Zora's Domain.

Item Stock Price (Rupee)
Arrows (x5) 3 20
Ice Arrows (x5) 3 80
Ice Arrow 5 20
Rock Salt 4 12
Swift Violet 4 40
Hylian Rice 4 12
Chillfin Trout 2 24
Sizzlefin Trout 2 24

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