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Construct is an enemy in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

List of Constructs



A Soldier Construct from the most recent Gameplay Demonstration from Mr. Aonuma

Soldier Constructs[]

Soldier Constructs have been depicted being made out of green-blue or beige stone, with a small glowing "broom" symbol located somewhere on their outer body. They are shown to be made up of rings surrounding a green-blue energy source in the middle, have two arms, one large red eye, an orange Solider Construct Horn going out the top, and have teeth somewhat akin to the King of Red Lions. They sometimes wield simple weapons like Tree Branches or Wooden Sticks, but can also wield Fused weapons. They seem to be powered by a Zonai Charge, which can be obtained by Link after he defeats them.

Ranger Construct

A Ranger Construct as seen from the most recent Gameplay Demonstration from Mr. Aonuma

Ranger Construct[]

Also called Steward Constructs, Ranger Constructs are non-hostile, unlike the Soldier Construct, and look similar to other Constructs besides its distinctive long neck and lotus buds. Most can be talked to, and have different jobs or purposes on the Sky Islands, like cutting wood, making tools, cooking, and more. Certain Rangers can sell things for Zonaite you collect through your travels.

Other Construct Types[]

Boss construct

A Flux Construct

Flux Construct[]

Shown off in the second trailer is a boss-like construct composed of several large orange and grey cubes with glowing green-blue markings. The construct is many times larger than other constructs, and seems to be held together by the same green-blue energy. During the fight it will reposition its cubes to attack in the shape of a humanoid, a platform and a rolling box, which attempts to crush Link. There seems to be a green cube on its back, which is its weak point. It is effectively a stone Hinox that's a bit more flexible in how it attacks.

Tears of the Kingdom[]

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