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Conly,[name reference needed] also known as the Beekeeper,[1] is a character in The Crystal Trap. He lives on the outskirts of the Town of Ruto in his hut along with his Magic Bees.[1]


Conly is first mentioned in the book when Princess Zelda asks Aldo, the gatekeeper, if he has seen anything or anyone unusual around town, which might help her on her quest to free Link from the Crystal. Aldo then informs the princess of the beekeeper known as Conly, who townsfolk say has special bees that can make Magic Honey.[1] Since the answer to the third part of the Fairy's Scroll riddle is Magic Honey, Zelda is anxious to go visit the beekeeper.[2] However, Aldo suggests Zelda that she not go see Conly until she has learned how to make a deal with him since the beekeeper is known to be unfriendly.[3] If Zelda does not follow Aldo's advice, she will decide that there is no time to waste and hurries off to see Conly despite the gatekeeper's warnings. When she arrives at his hut and calls out Conly's name, the beekeeper comes out and asks if Zelda brought him anything.[4] Zelda tells him that she is in a hurry and did not bring him anything, and Conly, now angry, releases a swarm of Magic Bees at the princess who injure her and eventually make her fall into a pit deep in the forest, resulting in a Game Over.[5]

However, if the princess waits to visit the beekeeper, she will eventually meet up with an old friend of hers, Estragon, who will give her a small flask containing the sap of the fairy flower tree. This, according to Estragon, is what the beekeeper uses to make his favorite drink.[6] By taking the Fairy Flower Sap to the beekeeper, he will let her go into his hut and successfully retrieve Magic Honey.[7]


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