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Composer Brothers is the name given collectively to Flat and Sharp,[1] a recurring pair of brothers in The Legend of Zelda series.


Ocarina of Time[]

In Ocarina of Time, the Composer Brothers are deceased composers who, during their life, served the Royal Family of Hyrule.[2] Sharp reveals that he and his brother were originally from Kakariko Village, which was founded by the Sheikah.[3] This may imply that they were Sheikah in life.[4] They were known to be great composers because of the many musical masterpieces they wrote. However, they were also on a mission to analyze the hereditary mysterious powers of the Royal Family.[5] Although they could never quite understand the true power behind the Triforce, they completed a study about controlling the flow of time via the use of Ocarinas. Ganondorf then tried to steal the results of their research and threatened to kill them if they did not reveal them. The Composer Brothers, unwilling to let the King of the Gerudos reap the fruits of their research, gave up their lives in order to protect the secret they had spent years researching.[6]

After their death, they kept serving the Royal Family as Poes by guarding Kakariko Village Graveyard. Their tombstones are located right next to the huge headstone that guards the entrance to the Royal Family's Tomb. Link can speak to the deceased brothers by checking their gravestones, which results in them attacking Link. After being defeated and realising that he is not one of Ganondorf's men,[7] they will reveal that they were each studying a song, one to summon the sun and the other to summon the moon.[8] Their combined studies resulted in the creation of the "Sun's Song," which is the secret song they guarded and that eventually led to their deaths. Once Link enters the tomb, he can find the "Sun's Song" inscribed at the end, along with a poem written by the Composer Brothers to accompany the melody.[9]

Majora's Mask[]


File:MM Sharp Model
Sharp from Majora's Mask

Sharp is located in the Spring Water Cave at the top of Ikana Canyon. When the land of Ikana Canyon was taken over, Sharp was tricked into selling his soul to the devil.[10][11] He then locked up his brother Flat beneath the Ikana Graveyard, and had him guarded by an Iron Knuckle.[10] Due to Sharp's curse, the Ikana River has gone dry, causing the Music Box House to stop working and allowing Gibdos to roam the canyon freely.

Sharp composed a song which has the ability to drain the life from all who listen to it. When Link confronts him, Sharp plays the song, stating that Link will "join the ranks of the dead".[12] The song damages Link as long as he remains in the Spring Water Cave. However, when Link plays the "Song of Storms," the song Flat composed to get rid of his brother's curse, Sharp's soul is healed.[13] Sharp then tells Link of the curse on Ikana, and how to gain entrance to the Ancient Castle of Ikana.[14]

If Link plays the "Song of Healing", which cures every other spirit in the game, Sharp will react and say how soothing the song is, but quickly regain his demeanor and say it is too late for him to be healed.[15]


Flat is locked up beneath the Ikana Graveyard by his own brother, Sharp, and is guarded by an Iron Knuckle.[10] After defeating the Iron Knuckle, Flat's soul is freed, and in return he teaches Link the "Song of Storms," a song he had composed to cure Sharp of his curse.[16] He also reveals that he and his brother were once servants and composers of the Ikana Royal Family.[17] Flat requests that Link helps cleanse his brother's black soul, allowing the two of them to finally have their eternal rest.[18]


  • In Majora's Mask, Flat's moon symbol was changed to a green version of Sharp's sun symbol. The Triforce-shaped brooches were also changed into Poe-like ones.
  • Sharp and Flat seem to be based on Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario Bros. series. Sharp, the older brother, is a bit smaller and chubbier than his younger brother. Also, Sharp has a red sun symbol on his cap, while Flat has a green moon one.


Sharp and Flat's names come from musical symbols used to modulate the pitch of a note. Their German names refer to the composers Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name
Composer Brothers Sharp the Elder Flat the Younger
Japan Japanese 作曲家兄弟 (Sakkyokuka Kyōdai) 兄 シャープ (Ani Shāpu) 弟 フラット (Otōto Furatto)
Canada FrenchCA Frères musiciens (OoT3D) Dièse l'aîné (OoT3D)
Dièse (MM3D)
Bémol le cadet (OoT3D)
Bémol (MM3D)
French Republic FrenchEU Frères musiciens (OoT) Bémol l'aîné (OoT)
Dièze (MM)
Dièse le cadet (OoT)
Baimol (MM)
Federal Republic of Germany German Gebrüder Brahmstein (OoT)
Königliche Komponistenbrüder (MM)
Johann der Ältere (OoT)
Dur (MM)
Ludwig der Jüngere (OoT)
Moll (MM)
Italian Republic Italian Fratelli mortaldi Diesis Bemolle
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Hermanos compositores (OoT3D) Sostenido el viejo (OoT3D)
Sostenido (MM3D)
Bemol el joven (OoT3D)
Bemol (MM3D)



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