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Zelda Eternity
Release Date(s)
November 15, 2008

Zelda Eternity was a merged Zelda fan site that was created between two small Zelda sites called Stone Tower Temple (Mike) and Zelda Haven (Link). The site was created November 1, 2008 and opened November 15, 2008.[1]


Sometime before the creation of this site, Mike received an e-mail from Link, asking about a merger between their two sites. With the sum amount of content from Zelda Haven plus the designer from Stone Tower Temple as well as a little content, they formed a combined Zelda fansite still under the URL name of STT. About a week later, Mike and Link soon started losing interest and things kind of plummeted badly. Mike wanted to start a site called "Smash Shrine", dedicated to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He had a decent amount of information up but didn't feel like running it anymore because he wanted to get back to the Zelda site. During a site meeting Link suggested changing Stone Tower Temple to something more search friendly like Zelda Eternal (or something), but Mike reminded him that a Zelda site used that name before. Mike suggested they could use the name Zelda Eternity, and so it was decided. In late June 2009, Zelda Eternity merged with another site called Hyrule Field, bringing aboard Cloud as a new webmaster. Now, almost 2 years since then, another merge occurred. Zelda World, a fellow site in the community, joined ZE as well. Adding yet another Webmaster, Skermefaten, and a notable group of new staffers to the site.


Zelda Eternity is looking to become a Zelda site that covers all sorts of Zelda features, such as very extensive information and guides for the Zelda series, a vast collection of Fan works, unique interactive features for Zelda fans, an active Zelda message board and a respected member of the Zelda Community. Live Gaming Streams have become a special feature of sorts, along with a monthly podcast and a weekly mailbag. The layouts on the site are designed and coded by Mike. His style of layouts are simplistic while backing up that simplicity with a great design to boot. Version 5, however, was not designed by Mike. The layout started off as a forum theme designed by Ilu from Knights of Hyrule and was coded by Cooldogs_1 from Zelda Dungeon.


The key feature of Zelda Eternity is game content for the Zelda games, to provide help in specific areas of a game with guides and walkthroughs. Still being a young site, Zelda Eternity does not have complete sections like some bigger sites, but it does have nearly complete sections for Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, The Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks. With sections like The Wind Waker, Oracle of Ages, and Twilight Princess slowly building their way up.

Community Forums

The Zelda Eternity Community Forums opened August 10, 2010.[2] As of January 2011, the Community Forum has accumulated over 163 members and over 9,700 posts. The "Zelda Eternity 5.0" theme was designed by Ilu from Knights of Hyrule. The forum theme was later turned into layout Version 5.


The Zelda Eternity Podcast started August 30, 2010.[3] This podcast, co-managed by Falcool and SpaghettiWeegee, is a monthly podcast that features Falcool and a few of the Zelda Eternity staff discussing things that have happened on the site during the past month, as well as discussing a few other things. The podcast is constantly evolving as the staff try new things each month such as featuring a special guest from time to time. On December 31, 2010, the "2010 Recap" podcast was posted, discussing things that happened at the site during 2010 as well as an announcement of some new staff members. Currently the podcast is out of action and is on hold until further notice.


Zelda Eternity currently has twelve staff members, two of which are webmasters.[4] Below is a list of the current staff and their roles on the site, Site Staff page order.

User Position Joined Staff Emblem
Mike Webmaster, Co-Founder/Creator, Forum Administrator November 15, 2008
Skermefaten Webmaster, Forum Administrator July 27, 2011
SpaghettiWeegee Content Writer, Podcaster Director February 4, 2010
Raven Article Writer, Content Writer February 4, 2010
GuitarShank Site Editor October 12, 2010
Skalla Content Writer October 12, 2010
Horseshoe Content Writer October 12, 2010
Immortalluna News Writer, Article Writer December 31, 2010
DodongoBomber Content Writer, Video Specialist July 27, 2011
Nick Informative Article Writer July 27, 2011

Layouts of Zelda Eternity


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