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Release Date(s)
August 19th, 2001

Zelda Dungeon is a Legend of Zelda fan website created by Mases Hagopian on August 19th, 2001.[1] The site's main purpose is to provide the most in-depth Zelda game guides possible, utilizing screenshots, maps, and artwork.

Zelda Dungeon is also a former Zelda Wiki mastermind. The site was one of the earliest masterminds to join the project, but Mases formally resigned this status in mid-2011.


Zelda Dungeon was initially launched by Mases Hagopian on the date of August 19th, 2001. The website has had a rocky history which includes seventeen different layout designs, several site mergers, three different major forum incarnations, and dozens of staff members. In March of 2008, Zelda Dungeon won Exploding Deku Nut's Golden Mirror Shield Award, a lifetime achievement award given to a website who has had significant contributions to the Zelda community.[2] The website currently stands as one of the most popular Zelda websites, reaching an audience of over 7500 unique visitors per day.

Community Forums

The current forum community at Zelda Dungeon was established on October 16th, 2007.[3] As of June of 2010, the forum has accumulated over 2,100 members and over 104,000 posts.[4]

Zelda Dungeon Wiki

Screenshot of Zelda Dungeon Wiki

After resigning as a Zelda Wiki mastermind, Mases launched a wiki of his own in February 2011, known simply as "Zelda Dungeon Wiki." This wiki was meant to be an extension of Zelda Dungeon's content pages in wiki format.


Zelda Dungeon currently has ten listed staff members, including two active webmasters.[5] Below is a listing of the site staff and their duties.

  • Avenged - Former webmaster who wrote content, updated with news, and administered the forums. He currently runs his own website, Zelda Chronicles.
  • Axle the Beast - Writes content, moderators the forums, and runs the Curiosity Shop (the Zelda Dungeon Mailbag)
  • Caleb - Webmaster who specializes in both site and video based walkthroughs. Also is one of the masterminds by the layouts and coding using at the site.
  • Cartoons - Former Webmaster and Forum Administrator who still comes around from time to time to help in the behind the scenes work at the site.
  • Dabombster - Former webmaster who currently comes around from time to time to help with content and advise on various projects.
  • Mr Mosley - Former Forum Administrator who helped to run day to day operations while also (and will continue) writing content for the site.
  • Hanyou - Is one of the article coordinators at the website. Also helps in moderating the Mature Discussion of the forum.
  • Jake - Serves as the News Coordinator, posting Zelda news as well as articles from around the community.
  • Jo - Media coordinator of the website. This includes working on uploading music and fixing up the soundtrack pages of the website.
  • Joseph - Serves as the Facebook Coordinator who is constantly posting news posts and interesting images, videos, and other tidbits at the ZD Facebook page.
  • Josh - Content specialist who writes walkthroughs and works on various other content for the site.
  • Justin - Site Administrator who helps with the behind the scenes coding of the site.
  • Kate - One of the image gallery managers. Uploads images to the gallery.
  • Mases - Webmaster who runs the day to day operations of the website, including providing news, writing walkthroughs, writing game content, as well as acting as the diplomat of Zelda Dungeon.
  • Petman - Helps out as an editor of the team and is in charge of the article department at Zelda Dungeon.
  • Scott - Content specialist and adviser in the content and layout department of the website.
  • Steve - General adviser and image specialist.
  • Din_Akera- Co-Creator and Co-host of Z-talk, the Zelda Dungeon PodCast
  • Rishian- Co-Creator and Co-host of Z-talk, the Zelda Dungeon PodCast


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