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Super Mario Wiki
Supermariowiki.pngMarioWiki's current layout
Release Date(s)
August 12, 2005

Super Mario Wiki, often referred to as simply MarioWIki, is a wiki that covers the Mario franchise. The MarioWiki is also a founding member of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA), which also includes Bulbapedia and Zelda Wiki. The wiki has over 17,000 articles, all on games, characters, and other Mario-related topics. The main page, similar to Zelda Wiki, includes a Featured Article, Poll, Did You Know section, Mario and Nintendo News section, its newspaper, The 'Shroom, as well as links to various wiki categories. MarioWiki also has a German and Italian edition, although both are managed independently from the English MarioWiki and independently from each other.

The Mario Wiki’s representative for the NIWA project is Ghost Jam.


Early history

The Super Mario Wiki was founded in August of 2005 by the owner, Stephen Shinn, better known as Steve, Porplemontage, or simply Porple. Stephen was 14 years old when he created the website. He had created many wikis up to that point, most of which were not nearly as successful. He credits the Mario series' large fanbase for MarioWiki's longevity.[1]

MarioWiki was referenced in the Mario article in The Book of Games, a book by Bendik Stang published in 2006.

MarioWiki released its first edition of its newspaper, The 'Shroom, on July 24th, 2006, with articles written solely by Sadaharu. The project was not immediately successful, and a proposal was made to cancel the project in 2008. However, the proposal failed 15-3, and the project continued. The 'Shroom has expanded greatly since then.

Around November 2006, the Mario Wiki split its coverage into the Donkey Kong Wiki, the Wario Wiki, and the Yoshi Wiki (The last two never were created). This was called the Wiki Alliance, hence why some MarioWiki veterans call NIWA the New Wiki Alliance. However, these wikis were not useful, so its content was taken back to the MarioWiki around June 2007.

Starting in August of 2007, MarioWiki started to commemorate the MarioWiki’s anniversary annually with the Awards Ceremonies. They were first hosted by Wayoshi.

In late 2009, the Super Mario Wiki rejected a Link Exchange affiliation with ZeldaWiki. Some weeks after that, Bulbapedia Webmaster, Archaic, contacted the Mario Wiki telling them his plans about the then-called Independent Nintendo Wikis, which the Mario Wiki, after some problems, finally agreed and so became the third founding member.

As with Bulbapedia and ZeldaWiki, the MarioWiki had troubles earlier on with its Wikia counterparts. in 2008, an Italian Mario Wikia started using MarioWiki’s logo, as well as its Main Page design. This was quickly discovered, and the mentioned Wikia was requested to change it, which was done without complaints. In April 2010, an impersonator of Stooben Rooben went to the English Mario Wikia to threaten them. The confusion was quickly solved, as a Mario Wikia bureaucrat contacted Stooben Rooben.

Recent history

Super Mario Wiki is currently patrolled by a group of administrators, a list of which can be found here.

The 'Shroom has greatly expanded since 2006, now featuring multiple teams that feature multiple articles each. These include Fake News, which features news satire and silly articles, Fun Stuff, which features puzzles and activities, Palette Swap, which features artwork, Pipe Plaza, which features website statistics and facts, Critic Corner, which features reviews, and Strategy Wing, which features video game strategies and tips. These teams are directed by MrConcreteDonkey, Andymii, FunkyK38, Yoshi876, Hypnotoad, and Meta Knight, respectively. There are also frequent guest sections that do not fall into any team. The Directors of the 'Shroom is currently RandomYoshi and Superchao. In July 2015, the 'Shroom released its hundredth numbered issue, where it received a redesign and a new mascot, Poochy.

Since 2010, MarioWiki has featured polls on its front page. These are created and managed by the Poll Committee. The current committee has nine members and is lead by Henry Tucayo Clay and Andymii.

The Awards Ceremony are currently hosted by Hypnotoad, Gabumon, and Twentytwofiftyseven, who lead the Awards Committee.

The MarioWiki also has its own forum, Super Mario Boards. Besides general discussion, many projects (such as the 'Shroom, the Awards Ceremony, and the Polls) are planned out there. Also connected to MarioWiki is Userpedia, where users share biographies, fan art, and fan fiction.

In March 2016, longtime bureaucrat Walkazo passed away in a traffic accident. Her death was mourned by members of the community. As a sign of respect, 'Shroom Issue 111 was dedicated to her. Additionally, she has retained her bureaucrat status after her death.

Due to little activity on Donkey Kong Wiki, the editors of Donkey Kong Wiki agreed with a merger with Super Mario Wiki; the merger was completed within 2019 and Donkey Kong Wiki as of November 17, 2019 now redirects to Super Mario Wiki.

Notable Milestones

  • 2,000 articles was reached on August 27th, 2006.
  • 3,000 articles was reached on October 23rd, 2006.
  • 3,000 files were recorded to be uploaded on October 28th, 2006.
  • 100,000 Main Page views was reached on November 3rd, 2006.
  • 4,000 articles was reached on January 28th, 2007.
  • 5,000 articles was reached on March 2007.
  • 6,000 articles was reached May 2007.
  • 7,000 articles was reached on August 27th, 2007.
  • 8,000 articles was reached on February 16th, 2008.
  • 5 million Main Page views was recorded on September 3, 2008.
  • 9,000 articles was reached on January 4th, 2009.
  • 100 million pages were recorded on January 5th, 2009.
  • 10,000 users was reached on June 16, 2009.
  • 10,000 articles was reached on November 16th, 2009.
  • 200 million page views was reached on May 19th, 2010.
  • The 100th issue of The 'Shroom (MarioWiki's newspaper) was released on July 18, 2015.


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