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Release Date(s)
April 2008


Ordon Village was a site with a focus on becoming a respected member in the community. It was once also a Mastermind of Zelda Wiki.

History of the site

Ordon Village was previously owned by current Hyrule.net administrator Arctic Fire, who had originally created the site. From there, the site had gone through many owners and the path of Ordon Village was unsure as to whether it would remain a Zelda site or not. With the assistance of several webmasters like Killswitch from Zelda Legacy, however, Alexander was able to turn the site around and place it on the intended path.

On July 3, 2009, Ordon Village was handed over to Vincent (also known by the handle "Swiftblade") after Alexander left due to personal issues. At this time, Axle the Beast also resigned. On this date, the site was removed as a Mastermind at Zelda Wiki.

Alexander decided to come back to Ordon Village after discussing the matter with Vincent on August 2nd. He left again on the 23rd of August, after he decided that he wanted to go out on his own and make a new site. After his permanent departure, the site's activity rapidly dropped. On the 28th of August, Vincent gave Alter the position of Webmaster. Over the next few weeks, the activity levels started to climb again, but due to personal events, both webmasters became busy, and were unable to continue the work.

On November 20, 2009, it was announced that Ordon Village would be shutting its doors, and merging with another site.

However, the merger never occurred, and the site went offline. After that, Vincent made a deal with his friend Killswitch from Zelda Legacy to merge sites, shortly after Zelda Legacy was announced to return. However, the process took too long, causing Vincent to stop waiting and decide to back out of the merge, and become a staff member at Zelda Dungeon.

A few months later, Killswitch opened Zelda Legacy on his own.

After Ordon Village's shutdown, Vincent decided to close the site, with a rather unusual page that could possibly cause seizures. It gained some notoriety when Nathan (from Zelda Informer) saw it. Having thought this was a good way to go out, he decided to add the page to his Zelda community archives.

Final Staff of Ordon Village

At the time of Ordon Village's closure, the staff members consisted of:

  • Vincent: Webmaster/Owner
  • Alter: Unknown
  • ShellShocker: Content Writer for the Phantom Hourglass section and Forum Super Moderator
  • Ver-go-a-go-go: General content writer
  • DarkLink0260: General content Writer
  • bookking99: General content writer
  • Kitsu: Ordon Village Community Forum Super Moderator

The Community

Ordon Village's Forums were one of the more visited parts of the site. Having accumulated 620 posts in two to three months is an accomplishment that Ordon Village was proud to have accomplished. The community forums had a shoutbox and several areas to take part in non-Zelda related discussions.

Zelda Fansite Festival

Alexander, having always wanted to run a set of awards in the Zelda community, did just that. As announced in May 2009, The Zelda Fansite Festival was launched. Similar to that of Exploding Deku Nut's acclaimed "Golden Item Awards", users in the Zelda community were allowed to nominate anyone or any site they pleased for several site AND webmaster awards. However, the awards would be decided by a staff vote. The nomination period was from May 20th - June 17th of 2009. One Webmaster and one Site award were to be announced the following week, but due to conflicts, the process was dropped.

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