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Icaruspedia (Kid Icarus Wiki) is a wiki dedicated to covering information about the Kid Icarus games, media, and related franchises. Since its independence on 8 January 2012, we are working hard to provide the best, detailed, and most accurate information available. On 23 March 2012 during the North American release of Uprising, Icaruspedia became the twentieth member of NIWA.


Icaruspedia was originally founded on Wikia in July 2008. The wiki was hosted on Wikia until moving to an independent site in January of 2012. The wiki was inducted into NIWA on March 23, 2012.


Icaruspedia currently has six staff members.

Executive Board:

  • RicketyTrigger
  • Starphoria
  • Maxite


  • Alex95
  • Kirbman
  • ToastUltimatum