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Exploding Deku Nut
Screenshot of the Exploding Deku Nut
Darth Citrus
Darth Citrus
Release Date(s)
November 25, 2002
Defunct as of November 25th, 2012
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Exploding Deku Nut is a large, well-established Zelda fan site. It serves as a walkthrough and guide source for every game in the series and includes a base for fan-created media. The site also has sections dedicated to Zelda-related satire, jokes, stories, original Humour, the Webmaster's personal comic 'Accidentally Linked', and Theory Articles.

Elements of the site such as certain walkthroughs and help sections were removed in the 11th revision of the site. Exploding Deku Nut also has a Zelda Trivia Competition. It is run annually from mid-June to August, with new questions posted every week. The winner of the competition gets one of three prizes of equal value, second and third choose from the remaining.

Over the course of its existence, Exploding Deku Nut has had in excess of 10 meticulously and detailed layouts developed solely by the Webmaster, Darth Citrus. A new layout leading EDN into a new direction was revealed on February 15th, 2010. This new direction was revealed to be going back to EDN's main vision, focusing on satire, creativity, and comic-mischief. New additions to the site include a small view of EDN's Citrus Cam, where Darth plays and reviews games live with the community, and Digital Zelda, where submitted content is drawn, painted, or digitally produced by community members.

Golden Item Awards

A popular feature at the website is the annual Golden Deku Awards. Voting takes place during the month of February and the results are given out during the month of March. Currently there are five award given out.

  • The Golden Deku Nut for Most Unique Site
  • The Golden Bomb Plant for Most Stunning Site
  • The Golden Ocarina for Most Aspiring Site
  • The Golden Light Arrow for Most Lively Forums
  • The Golden Mirror Shield for Lifetime Achievement

Hyrule Trivia

Hyrule Trivia was started in May 2007 on the sites official forum, as an idea to promote the website. Since the beginning, there have been over 70 unique participants in the event. The purpose of the trivia event is for everyone to kick back with some Zelda related fun, and possibly enhance the knowledge that they currently have. Questions range from basic to advanced Trivia to Music, Images, and Riddles. Since the beginning, the member who places First overall each year in the contest is given the chance to either join the team responsible for the competition to help in the following year (and for a total maximum of 2 years), or to sit out that next competition.

Winners of the Trivia by year:

  • 2007 A - Zeldaeinstein
  • 2007 B - Crow
  • 2008 - Alpha
  • 2009 - Nabeshin

Hyrule Trivia has since been spearheaded by the original Winner, Zeldaeinstein, since the original Host was unable to complete the 2007 B season. The members who aid the effort are known as 'Hyrule Trivia Sages' who create images, various questions, and help advertise the upcoming Season. June 2010 marks Season Five of Hyrule Trivia.

Current Hyrule Trivia Sages (and duties)

  • Zeldaeinstein - Forum Moderator, Host, Question Developer
  • Darth Citrus - Webmaster, Image Developer (scoreboard), Consulting, Host of 2007 A
  • Deku Lord - Forum Moderator, Image Developer (banners), Music Question Developer, Consulting
  • Alpha (Temp) - Question Developer
  • Nabeshin (Temp)- Question Developer