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Communication Icon
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The Communication Icons in use
Main appearance(s)
Communicating between Links

Communication Icons are a set of panels on the bottom screen of the Nintendo 3DS found in Tri Force Heroes.[1]


As their name implies, Communication Icons are used to communicate between Links to express needs or emotions. When tapped, Communication Icons appear on the top screen. With repeated tapping, the Communication Icons grow to take a larger portion of the screen, allowing for them to be stressed. Different sounds will also chime depending on which icon has been pressed.

The roster of available Communication Icons sometimes changes depending on the Links' location. For instance, while waiting in the multiplayer lobby in Hytopia Castle, Communication Icons reading "Hello!" and "Let's Go!" can be used. Once the Links enter a level in the Drablands, more action-oriented Communication Icons such as "Over Here!" and commands to use an item or perform a Totem become available for use. Communication Icons are not present during Coliseum battles.

The "Cheer" Communication Icon is the only icon to have more than one image. If Link repeats the same Icon, the image of the cheering Link will be horizontally mirrored, making it seem like he has raised one arm and dropped the other. This giving the illusion that Link is really cheering when the Icon is pressed multiple times. Additionally, the apologetic Communication Icon differs between Japanese and localized versions, as the Japanese gesture for apologizing is more closely associated with praying in western cultures.


During development, more icons were planned to be included but were removed as having too many of them would make it harder to communicate.[2] An icon seller was also planned to be included, who would have sold icons in exchange for Rupees.[3]

Two icons were altered late in development, after Nintendo had already released their art assets. The "Thumbs Up" icon was changed to show Link winking instead of holding both eyes closed, and his grin was slightly widened. The "Nooo!" icon had Link's lower eyelids further emphasized, and his upper row of teeth were removed. The original versions of both of these icons appear in Nintendo Badge Arcade as obtainable badges.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese コミュニケーションアイコン (Komyunikēshon Aikon) Communication Icon



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