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The Common Cooking Area is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview[]

The Common Cooking Area is a part of Kakariko Village in West Necluda. It features a Cooking Pot, the Campfire under which can be lit in order to prepare Food. Two Jars at the side of the structure can be broken for supplies.

In the evening, Olkin and Mellie will head to the Common Cooking Area to make dinner.[2] Their meals are made using many Fortified Pumpkins,[3] which Olkin finds to be better than Swift Carrots.[4]

During the "Flown the Coop" Side Quest, one of Cado's Cuccos can be found in and around the Common Cooking Area. It can easily be picked up and returned to the Cucco Coop. Afterwards, it will continue to appear in this location during the day.



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