The "Command Melody" (操りの唄 Ayatsuri no Uta?, Song of Manipulation) is a song from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It can be played on the Wind Waker. It is used within dungeons to take control of other people and objects and to perform specific tasks. In Tower of the Gods, it controls the Servants of the Tower, while in the Earth and Wind Temples, it is used to take control of Link's companions, Medli and Makar, respectively. Medli can fly and reflect light with her harp in the same way that Link can reflect light with the Mirror Shield. Makar can fly as well and can plant trees in certain areas. The trees grow immediately and Link can latch onto them with the Hookshot. This method of controlling others is similar to the Hyoi Pear that controls seagulls, and the Dominion Rod from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. If the one being controlled is hit by an attack, the link is broken.

The actual pitches of the notes translate as follows: F, B, A, B.

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