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Controlling Warriors

The Command menu is an interface in Hyrule Warriors.[1]


The Command menu allows the player to move all playable Warriors without directly controlling them.[1] On the left side of the Command menu, a list of all playable Warriors is displayed. Each Warrior in the list points a colored line to the right side of the Command menu, where a map can be found. The arrows point to where each playable Warrior is located on the Stage. Selecting a Warrior will bring the cursor to the map, where the player can move on a grid system to choose where to send the Warrior. If a location has any points of interest, for example, a Hylian Captain, an option to send the Warrior to the Hylian Captain or only to move the selected location will appear.[2] Points of interest able to be selected include Keeps, Enemies, Warriors and allied Captains. Below the list of Warriors, the victory conditions, defeat conditions, and mission are displayed in a list which can be cycled through using L and R.[3] Above the map also displays the amount of time spent in battle, and if playing in Adventure Mode or Challenge Mode, will also display the amount of damage taken.[4][5]


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