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Column of Light
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Allowing access to The Surface
Placing them on Maps to ease navigation
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Columns of Light are colored pillars that appear in Skyward Sword.[1] They allow access to The Surface and facilitate navigation while above and below the clouds.

Location and Uses

Because The Surface and The Sky are separated by a Cloud Barrier created by the goddess Hylia, many of the Skyloftians are unaware of what lies below the clouds and believe it to be a forsaken and barren place.[2][3] Each time Link places an Ancient Tablet in the altar within the Statue of the Goddess, a Column of Light of the respective color of both the region and the tablet will appear and make an opening in the Cloud Barrier.[4][5] The pillar, which is visible from anywhere in The Sky, allows Link to go through the Cloud Barrier and reach the Surface by dropping off near the column with the aid of his Loftwing.[6]

When Link places a Beacon on his Map, either on The Surface or The Sky, a blue Column of Light will appear, acting as a waypoint to reach the desired location.[7] Once Link has no more need of a Beacon, he can remove it, causing the Column of Light to vanish as well.


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GermanyGermanLichtsäule (SS)Light Column
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