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Coliseum (Mode)
Coliseum Lobby.jpg
Game(s) Tri Force Heroes
Location(s)Hytopia Castle

The Coliseum is a Multiplayer mode in Tri Force Heroes.[citation needed]


The Coliseum is where players may pit against each other in one-on-one or three-player free-for-all matches in either local or online Multiplayer. Download Play is not supported. Coliseum matches are held in a separate lobby room in the basement of Hytopia Castle. The goal of a Coliseum match is to deal the most damage to the other Links while also trying to avoid sustaining damage in a limited amount of time.[1] In one-on-one matches, a Wallmaster appears to fulfill the role of the third Link. This Wallmaster will actively follow either one of the Links and attempt to slam down onto them, which if successful, will instantly KO the target.

In the arenas, the Links can also find Items to help themselves gain an upper hand against the others. Should a Link lose all of his Hearts, he will collapse, then reappear shortly and can continue fighting, however it will compromise his final score. Numbers above the Links' heads indicate which place they are currently in, determined by their remaining Hearts and how many times they have collapsed. At the 30-second remaining mark, the Links' ranks will become invisible. Whomever suffers the least amount of damage and KOs by the end of the time limit is awarded 20 Rupees and a particular Material, while second and third place are given 10 and 5 Rupees respectively. If more than one Link ties for first place, they are only given 20 Rupees each, and no Material.

When a Link wins a match, the Material he is given is determined using a percentage: there is a 50% chance it will be something common, a 30% chance it will be something rare, and a 20% chance it will be a rare, unique Material (40% chance in the 2.0.0 update). These special, gold-ranked Materials can only be obtained through the Coliseum or by completing Drablands Challenges. They can be used to craft rarer, more powerful Outfits. The kind of rare Material that can be won is exclusive to the arena, such as the Supple Leaf, which can be won through the Woodlands arena. Although while very rare, the Coliseum is the only place where Link can obtain more than one of these Materials.

In the 2.0.0 update, the Match Master will also ask how experienced Link is as a hero when joining an online match with random players, and will be paired accordingly. Wearing certain Outfits however, such as the Sword Master Suit, will prevent Link from responding that he is a "budding hero", as the Outfit is proof of his experience.



The Woodlands takes place in a grassy, walled enclosure. It is filled with tall grass and bushes that the Links can cut down for Hearts. A pair of Bows and a Bomb are provided for use within the battle. The Links appear from four tree stumps that surround a tiny puddle in the center of the arena, however the puddle has no use.


The Riverside takes place in a small body of water surrounded by a pit, with an island in the middle of it, and four more to each of its cardinal directions. A Gripshot and two Water Rods can be found here, as well as stakes on each island which the former item can latch onto. Stones lie on each of the islands, which can be thrown for a chance at Hearts.


The Volcano takes place on a platform suspended above dangerous lava. There are several grates on the floor through which pillars of lava will rise. To the platform's top-left is an area separated from the platform by a chasm, that can be reached by navigating a short but narrow path. The platform's item pedestals contain two Boomerangs and one Gust Jar.

Ice Cavern

The Ice Cavern takes place on a frozen platform held high above the sky, which the Links can fall off of if they are not careful. The platform is covered in hexagonal tiles of ice, which can be broken or melted away either by standing on them too long, or by using the Magic Hammer and the two sets of Fire Gloves provided for the battle, leaving several holes in the arena. The Links can fall through these holes, though the ice will freeze over after a few seconds. Rocks can also be found near the item pedestals. As the platform's icy floor has poor traction, the Cozy Parka Outfit can be helpful for the battle.


The Fortress takes place on a bricked platform over a pool of water, which the Links can fall off of. In the center of the platform are four grates, which will continuously contract and expand, creating holes in the floor that the Links can fall through. A Gripshot, Fire Gloves, and a Gust Jar are provided for use within the battle. Pots can also be picked up and thrown.

The Dunes

The Dunes takes place on a large, grated platform that tilts depending on where the Links stand atop it. Several statues jut out of the platform, which the Links can use to catch themselves if they begin to fall off. At the beginning of the match, if a Link falls, or if he loses all of his Hearts, he spawns on top of one of three ramps before immediately sliding down to the main platform. This arena does not hold any items, so the Links must rely on their swordsmanship alone to win.

The Ruins

The Ruins takes place on a large platform with three color-coded platforms on within it. A Link can only stand on these color-coded platforms if his tunic matches its color, otherwise, he will fall through it and lose a Heart. Disappearing platforms also encircle the main one, and these can be used to reach any of the four surrounding platforms, which each hold two pedestals that contain one of every item in the game. Since only one item can be held at a time, at least five will always remain out of use, allowing the Links to switch as much as they would like within the time frame.

Sky Realm

The Sky Realm takes place on a flat, circular platform high in the sky. Fiery rocks fall from above and will set the Links on fire if they are hit by one. This arena does not hold any items, so the Links must rely on their swordsmanship alone to win.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapanese闘技場 (Tōgi-ba)[2]Arena
Latin AmericaSpanishLAColiseo[8] 
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