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Colgera is the Boss of the Wind Temple in Tears of the Kingdom. Colgera is fought again in The Depths.


Colgera is the Scourge of the Wind Temple. It is the cause of the harsh blizzard in the Hebra region, greatly affecting Rito Village. It was created by Demon King Ganondorf to stop Tulin from obtaining the Sage of Wind's Secret Stone.

Tears of the Kingdom[]

Hyrule Compendium Entry

XXX (XXX) Colgera
The culprit behind the blizzard that plagued the Hebra region. This huge beast harnesses wind to produce strong updrafts and lift itself aloft. The jagged layer of ice covering its body serves as a protective shield and allows it to launch frozen spikes at its foes.
Common Locations
Wind Temple (First time only)

The Depths

Recoverable Materials
Colgera Jaw (Depths only)

Colgera appears alongside a large updraft when the hatch in the center of the dungeon is opened. Colgera is a large, ice-covered, insectoid beast with large pincers on its face, five eyes, and a pair of wings on each of three spiky segments. Upon activating all the necessary gears in the Wind Temple, Colgera flies out from within with a roar to confront Link and Tulin. After its defeat, the Secret Stone of the ancient Sage of Wind is revealed, allowing Link and Tulin to converse with the Sage, Tulin taking up the mantle afterwards.

Colgera and the other bosses make an appearance in the Depths underneath Hyrule Castle. If Link has not fought the Boss at the Wind Temple, he must fight it here. If he did, Colgera is instead engaged by Tulin, which allows Link to face Ganondorf.

Colgera, as with three other bosses, can be challenged again in The Depths after its first defeat. Each one guards a chest with a Huge Crystalized Charge that can only be obtained after defeating it. It also drops a Colgera Jaw every time it is defeated, which can be attached to Link's equipment via the Fuse ability. There are three Colgera arenas spread throughout the map, each one taking the shape of a circular platform at the bottom of a deep pit. Two arenas are found relatively close to each other in the Hebra Depths, while the third is found the Gerudo Highlands Depths under Mount Granajh. Colgera and the other bosses respawn after a Blood Moon, but each of the Huge Crystalized Charges can only be collected once.

First Phase[]

Colgera follows a predictable attack pattern. It will fly around and periodically stop and launch the ice spikes off of a segment of its body at Link. Its weak spot is the pink ice hidden underneath the segments of its body; it can be uncovered by destroying the ice spikes from underneath with an arrow, or waiting for Colgera to launch them. Ramming through this pink ice at skydiving speeds or shooting an arrow at it will damage the boss and leave a large hole in the segment. After this is done, it will disappear into a portal and reappear below Link, before charging up and down. This vertical charge attack can be evaded with Tulin's gust ability. After shattering each segment, Colgera will reach half health and enter its second phase.

Second Phase[]

Colgera begins its second phase by regenerating its three segments and firing tornadoes. It will repeat its attack pattern from the first phase, but with tornadoes that it fires off before using its shell spikes. The tornadoes can, again, be evaded with Tulin's gust ability. The strategy to defeat the boss remains the same, and Colgera will fall after its three segments are destroyed again.

When Colgera is defeated, Link receives a Heart Container and Tulin's Vow.


  • Colgera's name is almost identical to that of Molgera, a boss in The Wind Waker. Both are the bosses of their respective games' Wind Temples.
    • Colgera's name is likely a portmanteau of Molgera and the word “cold”. Similarly in its Japanese name, フリザゲイラ (Furizageira), フリザ is a shortened form of the word フリーザー (lit. “freezer”).
  • Part of the boss battle theme features a segment of the theme to Dragon Roost Island and Rito Village.
  • Colgera is the only story boss of Tears of the Kingdom in which Link does not need any weapons to damage it. By flying above Colgera and waiting for it to initiate its spike attack, Link can dive down through the ice on its back to instantly shatter it once it is exposed.
  • Tulin isn’t technically required to defeat Colgera, as it is possible to avoid every one of Colgera’s attacks without Tulin’s gust.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
French Republic FrenchEU Glagayla Portmanteau of "Gayla" (Molgera's French Name) and "Glagla" (Word that means cold)
Italian Republic Italian Criogayla Portmanteau of "krýos" ("frost" in greek) and Gayla (Molgera's French Name)
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Gelminus Portmanteau of "Verminus" (Molgera's Spanish Name) and "Gélido" (Word that means icy)


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