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Cole (pronounced /ˈkoʊl/ kohl)[2] is a government official in the kingdom of Hyrule and the secondary antagonist of Spirit Tracks.[3] He is also a servant of Princess Zelda, the country's matriarch.[4]


Spirit Tracks[]

Spirit Tracks Manual Description
Spirit Tracks logo
Chancellor Cole
High-ranking government official. Along with Byrne, he is plotting to resurrect the Demon King.

Chancellor Cole is a small man dressed in green attire befitting a member of the kingdom's government and is revealed to wear two green top-hats on top of his head (which are later revealed to hide two horns). The Chancellor appears to be an adviser of sorts to the princess and seems to act as a sort of guardian to her as well (similarly to Minister Potho in The Minish Cap),[5] as it is revealed that he does not like her leaving Hyrule Castle unattended. This creates problems when Zelda wishes to leave the castle due to her distrust of Cole's intentions.[1] Zelda secretly slips Link a note with directions to her private quarters and warning him to beware of Cole.[6] Shortly after the graduation ceremony for Link, Cole sarcastically suggests that the latter take the time to polish his train before ominously hinting at the imminent disappearance of the Spirit Tracks.[7] In her quarters, Zelda confides her suspicions of Cole in Link and requests that he take her in secret to the Tower of Spirits to investigate the disappearance of the Spirit Tracks.[8]

On their way there, the Spirit Tracks vanish beneath them, causing the train to come to a halt in the field separating Hyrule Castle from the tower. The trio then witness the fragmentation of the Tower of Spirits, the lock keeping Malladus imprisoned before being confronted by the mastermind behind this: Cole himself, accompanied by Byrne.[9] Cole, who reveals his non-human nature, has Byrne knock Link and Alfonzo out cold before using his dark magic to separate Zelda's spirit from her body and having Byrne carry the princess's vacant body to the Tower of Spirits.[10][11] After Link and Zelda reunite all of the floors of the Tower of Spirits, they climb to reach the altar, where they encounter Cole and Princess Zelda's body, now overtaken by Malladus. Cole succeeds in the resurrection of the Demon King, and after betraying Byrne, the evil duo escape to the Dark Realm via the Demon Train.[12]

In the final battle, Cole attempts to help Malladus defeat Link and Zelda in battle, but this effort ultimately fails. Once Zelda reclaims her body with the help of Link, Malladus chooses to take possession of an unwilling Cole's body, transforming him into a gigantic, boar-like beast. Although Cole's body is incompatible with Malladus' spirit and begins to reject it,[13] Malladus nonetheless vows that he will be able to control Cole long enough to bring the world to ruin.[14] However, Link and Zelda thrust the Lokomo Sword into the crystal on the possessed Cole's head and shatter it, killing both Cole and Malladus for good and restoring peace to the land.


According to the game creators of Spirit Tracks, Chancellor Cole seems to be the embodiment of the so-called "crooked politician" stereotype.[citation needed] He appears to do things for the greater good that really are only being pursued to further his own personal agenda.


In the short time Link has to fight Cole, he needs to help defend Zelda from ghost rats that Cole creates in the course of the battle between Malladus in Zelda's body and Cole. If one of these rats gets into Phantom Zelda's armor, then Cole will be able to use Phantom Zelda as a puppet. The strategy to "defeat" Cole is to help Zelda by attacking Cole's puppet strings with the Boomerang and defeating any ghost rats from entering Zelda's armor by using any item that can deal damage on them. After Zelda manages to grab onto Malladus, Cole will stop attacking and freak out while Link can deliver the "final" blow to Malladus.

Other Appearances[]

Hyrule Warriors Legends[]

As part of the Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks DLC pack, Cole's outfit became available as three pieces of Fairy Clothing. These were the Chancellor's Hat, the Chancellor's Jacket and the Chancellor's Trousers.


  • While Cole has the title of "chancellor" in English, he is a "minister" in all other languages.
  • In all European language versions, as well as the Latin American Spanish version, Chancellor Cole's given name is not stated by anyone until he reveals his true nature.


"Cole" is a play on Coal, a sedimentary rock commonly used in Trains.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseキマロキ (Kimaroki)[15]
Latin AmericaSpanishLAMakivelo[21]
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