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The Coast of No Return is a location in Oracle of Ages.[1] It is a small bit of coastline bordering the mysterious Sea of No Return in past age Labrynna. The shore is separated by a gap that Link can cross using the Switch Hook.

The only resident of the area is an elderly Zora, who lives inside a cave on the southern end of the coastline. This Zora plays a role in the Trading Quest. Link can trade him the Sea Ukulele in exchange for the Broken Sword,[2] which can be brought to Patch atop Restoration Wall to be repaired and made into the Noble Sword.


  • In the Japanese version of Oracle of Ages, the Coast of No Return is simply part of the Sea of No Return.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese かえらずの海 (Kaerazu no Umi) Sea of No Return
French-speaking countries French Côte des Âmes Perdues
Federal Republic of Germany German Küste ohne Wiederkehr
Italian Republic Italian Costa del Non Ritorno
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Costa de No Regresarás


  1. Encyclopedia, Dark Horse Books, pg. 255
  2. "That Ukulele has the spirit of the sea in it! That smell! That sound! That's good of you to respect your elders, kids! I see you're on some adventure. Well I give you something old... This is the Hero's Sword that a great hero gave my ancestors long ago!" — Old Zora (Oracle of Ages)
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