Club Moblins are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This Moblin variation is found only in the Sacred Forest Meadow when Link is an adult. As implied by their name, Club Moblins wield giant clubs that they use to guard the passage leading to the grove of the Forest Temple. When Link approaches, Club Moblins will slam their clubs into the ground, exerting enough force to create a shock wave which will push Link back to the entrance of the passage.

One way for Link to bypass Club Moblins is to dodge their shock waves by moving in their opposite direction. Club Moblins are also susceptible to bombs; although it may be tricky to get within range to throw a bomb, Bombchus allow Link to defeat Club Moblins from a long range, without ever having it release shock waves. Unlike Moblins found elsewhere in the Sacred Forest Meadow, they are not instantly defeated by the Hookshot or Longshot, instead becoming briefly stunned when hit. Once Link obtains the Fairy Bow, he can kill a Club Moblin from a safe distance.

Once Link has bypassed a Club Moblin, he can attack it from behind without fear of suffering a counter-attack. If Link enters the Sacred Forest Meadow by way of the Forest Temple, a Club Moblin will be guarding the passage back into the Lost Woods instead. Upon defeat, Club Moblins drop either three Blue Rupees, or one Red Rupee, resulting in a reward of either 15 or 20 Rupees. Club Moblins are among the small number of enemies in the game that cannot be Z-targeted.

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Another Club Moblin can be found in the Spirit Temple. It resides in the room that contains the rolling boulders in the original version. Because the room is much wider than the passage in the Sacred Forest Meadow, Link will only be hit by the club's shockwaves if he loiters in the middle of the room.

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