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The Cloud Tops are an area in in The Minish Cap.[1]

Features and Overview[]

The Cloud Tops are located in northeastern Hyrule above Veil Springs.[2] They connect to one other area: Veil Springs beneath them. They can only be accessed by the native Wind Tribe and "surface dwellers" who are "pure of heart".[3] The Cloud Tops surround the Home of the Wind Tribe.[4]

In the Force Era, the sky is inhabited by a group called the Wind Tribe.[4][5] After living along with the Wind for ages, the tribe eventually gained mastery over it and abandoned the Wind Ruins for the skies, taking their palace and the Wind Element with them.[6][7][8][9]

While in search of the Wind Element, Link scours the Fortress of Winds, where he learns of the Wind Tribe's departure. Later in his search, the young hero finds that he must use the Tornado nearby Veil Springs to access the Element.[2] To reach the Tornado, the young hero must ascend Veil Falls and jump into the vortex. After finding his way to the Cloud Tops, a member of the Wind Tribe expresses their surprise that someone else other than one of the Wind Tribe could walk on the clouds, as only those with pure hearts may do so.[3] Link learns from the members of the Wind Tribe in the Home of the Wind Tribe that the Element he is seeking is inside the Palace of Winds, which is guarded by the Wind Tribe.[10][11] Although the Wind Tribe has protected the Wind Element for ages, monsters have taken root inside, and the Gyorg Pair have taken hold of the Wind Element. Once Link defeats them, he obtains the Wind Element and returns to the Elemental Sanctuary to have the legendary Picori Blade fully restored.

The Cloud Tops are accessed by climbing all the way to the top of Veil Falls and jumping into a Tornado, launching Link into the sky. Upon landing on a cloud, two members of the Wind Tribe, Gale and her sister Hailey, are seen attempting to reach the Palace of Winds.[12] Link must traverse the clouds, seeking golden Kinstone Pieces, which must be fused with five Mysterious Clouds to activate five small pinwheels located at the center of the Cloud Tops.[13] When all five of these pinwheels are rotating, they create another Tornado, which flings Link upwards to the Palace of Winds.

In this region, there are clusters of hard clouds that require the Mole Mitts to destroy; this is an item that is used frequently throughout the Cloud Tops. Link must use the many smaller Updrafts in the area to float to other cloud masses.

Minor Enemies and Traps[]


  • The music heard in the Cloud Tops is a mixture of a remix of the overworld theme from The Legend of Zelda and the title screen music.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 雲の上 (Kumo no Ue) Above the Clouds
French Republic FrenchEU Au-dessus des Nuages Over the Clouds
Federal Republic of Germany German Über den Wolken Above the Clouds
Italian Republic Italian Oltre le nuvole Beyond the Clouds
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Sobre las nubes Above the Clouds



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