"Some say that it's an empty, barren place, or even that there's nothing at all down below, but I just have this feeling that they're wrong. [...] The thing is, no one's ever been down there to see it, and our Loftwings won't fly through the cloud barrier."

The Cloud Barrier is an object from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. A vast cloud cover separating The Sky from The Surface, it is impossible to navigate safely. During the course of the game, Link finds pieces of an Ancient Tablet that opens pathways to The Surface, allowing him to descent into specific areas found beneath the Cloud Barrier — a Faron Woods portal made first by the Emerald Tablet, then a portal to Eldin Volcano by the Ruby Tablet, and lastly, a Lanayru Desert portal made by the Amber Tablet. A column of light will appear and create an opening through the Cloud Barrier, allowing Link to go through the obstacle and reach The Surface by dropping off near the column with the aid of his Loftwing.

LD-301S Scrapper apparently possess the ability to pass through the Cloud Barrier as it was used in the past to collect scrap from The Surface by Gondo's Grandfather and by Link during the events of Skyward Sword.

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