"Mr. Mayor and Carnival Committee Members, please order those who remain to evacuate!"
Captain Viscen

The Clock Town Carnival Executive Committee, also known simply as the Carnival Committee, is a group from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Led by Madame Aroma, the Clock Town Carnival Executive Committee is in charge of getting everything prepared for the annual Carnival of Time. While Madame Aroma, the wife of Mayor Dotour, does all the performance arrangements, Mutoh and his Carpenters do the hard physical labor, creating the Festival Tower in South Clock Town.

During the events of Majora's Mask, the Carnival Committee is going through crisis after crisis. To start, Madame Aroma is forced to cancel the Gorman Troupe's act after The Indigo-Go's have to relinquish their performance slot due to Lulu losing her voice. Second, due to the Moon's impending fall, many residents of Termina fear for their lives, and the Clock Town Soldiers fuel this fear by pushing for a mandatory evacuation of the city. The only way to completely rescue the Carnival of Time is if Link helps certain people in the Bombers' Notebook and prevents the destruction of Termina by defeating Majora.


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"The door to the Clock Tower stairway opens at midnight on the eve of the carnival. A Fireworks show will mark the occasion. -- Clock Town Carnival Executive Committee."

It is never explicitly stated, but it is possible that the Man from the Bomb Shop and his mother are part of the Clock Town Carnival Executive Committee. This seems likely due to the fact that a sign from the committee tells of the fireworks show, and the Man from the Bomb Shop tells Link of the fireworks show personally. Also, explosives are needed to produce fireworks, but this fact can be overlooked since it is possible the Carnival Committee simply buys the supplies needed.

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