"Absolutely Guaranteed! We shall guard your assets!
Clock Town Bank

The Clock Town Bank is a shop in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is located in West Clock Town (South Clock Town in Majora's Mask 3D), and is run by a Banker wearing green clothes.

Whenever Link plays the "Song of Time" to go back in time, he loses, along with other expendable items, all the Rupees he is carrying. However, if Link deposits his Rupees in the bank and later loops time, the Rupees he had banked can still be withdrawn. This is likely a result of the invisible mark the Banker stamps his clients with. He uses the mark to record the clients name, allowing him to recognize them later. It is likely he also includes the person's account balance, as he knows how many Rupees Link has deposited even after time is looped. Therefore, the Banker may be unknowingly giving Link other client's Rupees, rather than physically bringing the ones Link had deposited back in time. If Link withdraws Rupees from 12:00am to 6:00am he is charged 4 Rupees.


As a special promotion, the Banker will give Link a free prize whenever he has deposited a certain number of Rupees in total.

  • 200 Rupees: An Adult Wallet that holds up to 200 Rupees, or, should he already have one, a Giant Wallet
  • 1000 Rupees: A blue Rupee (worth five Rupees), which the Banker claims is the interest from Link's account
  • 5000 Rupees: A Piece of Heart

After Link makes a deposit that causes his account to reach or exceed 5000 Rupees, the Banker will not be able to take any more deposits. This makes the maximum number of deposited Rupees 5499 (if Link's account is at 4999 when he deposits 500, an entire Giant Wallet's full).

Majora's Mask 3D

The location of the Bank is changed in the 3DS remake, as it can be found in South Clock Town as part of the Clock Tower's north side right across from the town's Owl Statue. This change of location makes the quest easier as it allow Link to withdraw Rupees more quickly after restarting the 3 day cycle, removing the task of Link having walking over to West Clock Town to refill his wallet and ultimately saving precious time. Its close proximity to the Owl Statue makes it even more convenient as the statue is a warp point allowing Link easy access to the Bank for quick deposits and withdraws, as well as making the task of depositing hard earned Rupees less bothersome and less time consuming.

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