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Tona (Sister)[1]

Cleff is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Cleff is a Zora shopkeep that runs the Coral Reef at the Marot Mart in Zora's Domain. Cleff has a serious demeanor, in contrast with his sister Tona's excitable personality.[1] When he's first spoken to, Cleff will explain that the store sells Swift Violets, which can help one run faster.[3] He also shares that they sell Arrows, encouraging Link to grab whatever he wants to buy.[4]

If Link asks about the store, Cleff explains that Coral Reef is a General Store where one can buy fresh Fish.[5] While they do sell Arrows, due to the Zora's weakness to electricity, they don't stock Shock Arrows.[6]

When asked about business, Cleff will admit that things haven't been great.[7] He initially tells Link that he's worried about the Coral Reef's business, since there aren't many travelers coming by to make purchases.[8] After Divine Beast Vah Ruta has been calmed, Cleff will remark that business is improving, and he no longer believes that he will have to close his shop.[9]

Cleff will accept Items that Link wants to sell.[10][11] When Link ends their business at night, Cleff warns him to be careful going out after dark.[12]


Cleff's name is derived from clef, a musical symbol. This matches with his sister's name being derived from tone.

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