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Circles are Objects in Breath of the Wild used to reveal Koroks.[1]

Location and Uses[]

Circles can be found throughout Hyrule Kingdom in two different varieties, a circle of Rocks jutting out of a body of Water or a circle of Lily Pads floating on Water. Nearby a Circle made of Rocks, normal Rocks that Link is able to carry will always be found. If Link throws one of these Rocks so that it lands in the middle of the Circle, a Korok will appear to give Link a Korok Seed.[2][1] For Circles of Lily Pads, they will always appear underneath a ledge overlooking the Water which Link can jump off of. If he dives into the middle of the Circle, this will also cause a Korok to appear.[1]


A total of two Circles can be found in Akkala.

Central Hyrule[]

A total of 17 Circles can be found in Central Hyrule.

Image Location
Great Plateau
BotW Great Plateau Korok In the Water between the Shrine of Resurrection and the Temple of Time
Hyrule Field
BotW Hylia River Korok Hylia River, south of Proxim Bridge
File:BotW Regencia River Korok 5.png East of the Digdogg Suspension Bridge
BotW Digdogg Suspension Bridge Korok Digdogg Suspension Bridge
BotW Hyrule Field Korok 2 West of the Great Plateau
BotW Regencia River Korok In the Regencia River, north of Manhala Bridge
BotW Lake Kolomo Korok Lake Kolomo
BotW Ancient Tree Stump Korok Ancient Tree Stump
BotW Thims Bridge Korok Thims Bridge
BotW Crenel Hills Korok 2 A pond on the Crenel Hills
BotW Boneyard Bridge Korok Boneyard Bridge
BotW Moat Bridge Korok Moat Bridge
BotW Hyrule Castle Moat Korok Northwest corner of the Hyrule Castle Moat
BotW Hyrule Castle Korok Northern end of Hyrule Castle
Hyrule Ridge
BotW Rutile Lake Korok Rutile Lake
BotW Regencia River Korok 2 In the Regencia River, south of Carok Bridge
BotW Ludfo's Bog Korok Ludfo's Bog
Lake Hylia
BotW Lake Hylia Korok 2 On the east side of Lake Hylia
BotW Lake Hylia Korok 3 Off the northeast side of the Bridge of Hylia


A total of five Circles can be found in Eldin.

Image Location
Eldin Canyon
BotW Pico Pond Korok Pico Pond
BotW Zelo Pond Korok Zelo Pond
BotW Cephla Lake Korok Cephla Lake
BotW Lake Ferona Korok On the east end of Lake Ferona
BotW Gero Pond Korok Gero Pond


A total of five Circles can be found in Faron.

Image Location
Faron Grasslands
BotW Floria River Korok At the east end of the Floria River
BotW Guchini Plain Korok West side of Guchini Plain
BotW Lake of the Horse God Korok Lake of the Horse God
BotW Puffer Beach Korok In a tidepool on Puffer Beach
Faron Sea
BotW Menoat River Korok The beginning of the Menoat River


A total of four Circles can be found in Hebra.

Image Location
Tabantha Frontier
BotW Ancient Columns Korok In the pond at the Ancient Columns
BotW Strock Lake Korok On the north end of Strock Lake
BotW Tama Pond Korok Tama Pond
BotW Hebra Plunge Korok 2 The lowest tier of Hebra Plunge


A total of two Circles can be found in Lanayru.

Image Location
Lanayru Great Spring
BotW Lanayru Great Spring Korok 3 Northwest end of the Zodobon Highlands
Lanayru Sea
BotW Horon Lagoon Korok Horon Lagoon


A total of 19 Circles can be found in Necluda.

Image Location
East Necluda
BotW Gogobi Shores Korok Gogobi Shores
BotW Rimba Beach Korok Rimba Beach
BotW Mount Dunsel Korok 2 In the pond on the south end of Mount Dunsel
BotW Stinger Cliffs Korok Stinger Cliffs
BotW Breman Peak Korok Breman Peak
BotW Meda Mountain Korok The pond on Meda Mountain
BotW Lanayru Promenade Korok Lanayru Promenade
BotW Nirvata Lake Korok The highest tier of Nirvata Lake
BotW Nirvata Lake Korok 2 The lowest tier of Nirvata Lake
BotW Camphor Pond Korok Camphor Pond
BotW East Necluda Korok The pond southeast of Retsam Forest
BotW Mapla Point Korok The cove on Mapla Point
Necluda Sea
BotW Kitano Bay Korok Kitano Bay
West Necluda
BotW Oakle's Navel Korok Oakle's Navel
BotW Kakariko Bridge Korok Kakariko Bridge
BotW Lake Siela Korok The west end of Lake Siela
BotW Lake Siela Korok 2 Near an islet on the west end of Lake Siela
BotW Kakariko Village Korok Near Impa's House in Kakariko Village


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