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Cia's Tale is an arc in Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors. It was originally added to the original Hyrule Warriors as part of the Master Quest DLC Pack. [name reference needed]


Cia's Tale is a expansion of five missions that are composed of events that tell how Cia managed to build up her army, how they were expanded, and the moments before her fall.

  • The Dragon of the Caves: Under Ganondorf's sway need of a commander for her army in her bid to take over Hyrule, Cia embarks to the Eldin Caves to persuade its Dragon Knight to her side. While there, she overhears the Gorons talk about a sealed ring.
  • The Invasion Begins: With a magically compelled Volga and Wizzro under her heel, Cia begins her takeover of Hyrule, besieging Hyrule Castle while also hunting for Fairies, clashing with Lana. Soon after, Impa and Zelda join the fray but are pushed back, forcing a call to arms.
  • The Usurper King: After wresting the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom from Link and Zelda and gaining the power of the full Triforce, Cia further falls under Ganondorf's sway and opened Gates of Souls into three different eras, though senses great power within the Era of Twilight. There, she finds herself in a mêlée à trois against Midna and Zant vying for control of the Twilight Realm.
  • The Demon Lord: After dealing with Zant and bringing him to heel, Cia heads to Skyloft, finding conflict between the monsters and Skyloftian forces. Sensing the power of Ghirahim and The Imprisoned, she makes a temporary alliance to make Ghirahim fold with her.
  • Darkness Falls: With the mounting losses against her, Cia is driven back to the Valley of Seers. Her hopes dwindling, she begins tapping into her life force to get any sort of an edge as Ganondorf tries to wrest the Triforce of Power, the only Piece she has left, from her.


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