Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Located in the central area of Hyrule Castle Town, it is owned and operated by the snobbish Chudley. This lavishly decorated store--open only during the day--features an assortment of items, including the unique Magic Armor, sold at such exorbitant prices that even with the biggest wallet upgrade at hand, Link cannot hope to afford any of the merchandise on offer. Furthermore, those with insufficiently clean footwear will be refused entry outright. Link can pay Soal--the shoeshine boy found near the entrance to Chudley's--a fee of 10 Rupees for shining Link's boots, which will at least gain Link entry into the establishment, even if he cannot actually make a purchase.

Later on in the game, Malo seeks to take over Chudley's business as part of an endeavor to create a chain of Malo Mart stores. Once Link has donated enough money to Malo, his takeover promptly succeeds. The store is rebranded as Malver's Marvelous Market (also referred to as the Malo Mart Castle Town Branch), with Chudley retained as an employee, having himself been renamed to Malver. Prices are lowered to a more reasonable point, providing some of the best value for regular items such as arrows, bombs, and potions; the Magic Armor is also finally made obtainable, though purchasing it requires Link to have certain wallet upgrades on his person.

The refurbished store has also been deprived of its former exclusivity, no longer requiring clean shoes to enter. After Malo's takeover scores of Hyrule Castle Town passers-by can be seen carrying Malo Mart brand shopping bags, indicating that the shop has become very popular and fashionable. In the re-release for the Wii U, an image from the as-yet untitled The Legend of Zelda title scheduled to be released on the same console, can be seen hanging on the wall of the store before Malo takes it over.


Item Price
10 Arrow 5 Rupees
Blue Potion 50 Rupees
30 Bombs 45 Rupees
10 Bomblings 30 Rupees
Magic Armor 598 Rupees
Red Potion 15 Rupees
15 Water Bombs 45 Rupees
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