"Oh... How awful to be you."
— Chudley

Chudley, later known as Malver, is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is a shopkeeper residing in Hyrule Castle Town. He is initially a very snobbish man, who at first sells over-priced merchandise to the elite of Hyrule Castle Town from his shop, Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium. Later, however, he is bought out by the bargain chain Malo Mart. His attitude then changes for the better afterwards, and he becomes a friendly and fair salesman. This is to the point where he warns Link if he tries to buy stuff (such as arrows) but doesn't have space for it, by telling him it would be wasting Rupees and hesitantly ask if he would like to purchase it.


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Chudley does not allow anyone with dirty shoes to enter his shop in Hyrule Castle Town. Because of this, Link must pay Soal a price of ten Rupees to have his shoes shined. Once inside the shop, Link browses the merchandise, and Chudley announces the ridiculous prices. Link cannot afford to buy anything, even with the Giant's Wallet, leaving him with no choice but to leave.

Later, the young child Malo from Ordon Village, who had opened a low-price shop known as Malo Mart in Kakariko Village, seeks to expand Malo Mart into a national franchise. However, to do this, he requires donations. Once Link has donated enough money to Gor Ebizo in the Malo Mart Kakariko branch, Malo buys Chudley out and converts his over-priced shop into a Malo Mart, retaining Chudley as an employee.

When Link enters the new Malo Mart, however, Chudley has undergone a complete transformation; no longer being in charge, he had no choice but to adapt to Malo's customer-friendly image. He has changed his name to Malver and changed his attire as well as his attitude; Malver now displays a near-obsession with customer satisfaction and gladly announces low prices for every item in the store. He also energetically dances (along with others) to the tune that plays in his shop.

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