"Hello, hello, and hello! You are standing in the one and only Chu Jelly Juice Shop! You must have heard! Our potions are the best! I'm telling you! They're TOO good, in fact! ...They're absolutely incredible!"
Doc Bandam

The Chu Jelly Juice Shop is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Located on Windfall Island, it is owned and operated by Doc Bandam. It is a dark building with a few shelves and stools that Link can knock down and break. Behind Doc Bandam's counter there is a lot of lab equipment. Doc Bandam starts out selling only Red Potions. However, if Link brings him fifteen Chu Jellies of either green or blue, then Doc Bandam will create a potion of that color, give Link a bottle full of it, and continue selling the potion. Once a potion is in the shop, Link can bring Doc Bandam five Chu Jellies of any type and receive a potion of that color free of charge.

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