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The Chu Jelly Juice Shop is a location in The Wind Waker.[1]


The Chu Jelly Juice Shop is located next to the mansion of Windfall Island. It specializes on using Chu Jelly to make Potions and it is run by the eccentric Doc Bandam.[2] At first, the Shop only offers the Red Potion. When Link gives him 15 Green and Blue Chu Jelly, Doc Bandam will be able to make Green and Blue Potions, respectively.[3] Every time Link gives him five more Chu Jelly, the Potion-maker will give the young hero a free sample of the new Potion, either a Red, Green, or Blue Potion, depending on what type of Chu Jelly Link gives him. Even if he has already made that type of Potion, he will still give Link a free sample.

Wares and Pricing[]

Item Price
TWWHD Blue Potion Artwork
Blue Potion
TWW Green Rupee Model 60 Rupees
TWWHD Green Potion Artwork
Green Potion
TWW Green Rupee Model 10 Rupees
TWWHD Red Potion Artwork
Red Potion
TWW Green Rupee Model 20 Rupees


  • Through hacking, one can read the Signs in the back of the Shop, which share the same text as the Sign near the summit of Outset Island.[4]


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