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Chris Houlihan is a character in A Link to the Past.[2]


Chris Houlihan is only mentioned through a Telepathy Tile found inside a secret room which also contains 45 Blue Rupees. The room is a failsafe that the game sends Link to when it detects an error in his Y coordinate. Five different methods can be used to access it,[3] all of which use the Pegasus Shoes and some of them Bombs.

The Telepathy Tile mentioning Chris Houlihan was removed in A Link to the Past & Four Swords.[4]


  • Chris Houlihan is only mentioned in the English version of A Link to the Past. Other languages simply state that it is a secret room.[5][6][7]
  • It is believed that Chris Houlihan was the winner of a Nintendo Power contest held during September and October of 1990, where the winner would have their name programmed into a future NES game.[8] This was first stated in the December 1994 issue of Club Nintendo, the official Nintendo magazine for Latin America.[1] However, the winner of the contest was never revealed by Nintendo Power and Chris Houlihan has never been confirmed to even be a real person.


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