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Elder Korok[1]
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Chio is a character in Breath of the Wild.[name reference needed]


Chio can be found underneath the Great Deku Tree in the Korok Forest. He explains to Link that the mushroom on his head suddenly sprouted that day, so he had expected something to happen (referring to Link's arrival to Korok Forest).[2] After, he gives Link the Side Quest, "The Korok Trials".[3] Chio tells Link that if he can complete the trials, pulling out the Master Sword will be far easier.[4]

Chio goes on to tell Link that he designed an extra-tough trial himself, as the elder of Korok Forest.[5] He also informs him on what the trials are before he gets started.[6] According to him, it is a ceremony that every Korok must undertake, and everyone has done it including himself and Hestu.[7][8]


  • Aside from Hestu, Chio is the only korok appearing in Breath of the Wild to have an entirely new character design, rather than one based on a korok from The Wind Waker. He is also the only korok aside from Hestu to have a unique character design not shared with any other korok in the game.


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