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Chio is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Chio is a Korok that can be found underneath the The Great Deku Tree in the Korok Forest. When Link first speaks to him, Chio recognizes him as the hero.[3] He explains to Link that the mushroom on his head suddenly sprouted that day, so he had expected something to happen.[4]

Chio reveals that the Koroks all prepared some trials for Link.[5] If Link has not yet pulled out the Master Sword, Chio says the trials will help him do so.[6] However, if Link already has the Master Sword, Chio asserts that the trials will help him become stronger.[7] He goes on to tell Link that he designed an extra-tough trial himself, as the elder of Korok Forest.[8] He asks Link if he is ready to test his mettle.[9] Accepting his challenge initiates the Side Quest "The Korok Trials".

When Link asks, Chio informs him what the Korok Trials are before he gets started.[10] He explains that the goal is to visit all of the Ancient Shrines in the Korok Forest to be considered a grown-up.[11] According to him, it is a ceremony based on the ancient hero that every Korok must undertake.[12] Chio and Hestu have both participated, as have several other Koroks.[13]

The first Trial that Chio shares is the "Trial of Second Sight", which is found in the southwest of Korok Forest.[14] He then shares the location of the second Trial, "The Lost Pilgrimage", in the northwest Forest.[15] Finally, he tells Link the third Trial, "The Test of Wood" is in the eastern Forest.[16] He reiterates that overcoming the Korok Trials means one can overcome anything.[17] The Koroks have also prepared prizes for Link when he completes the Trials.[18]

Once Link completes all of the Trials,[19] Chio will be impressed.[20] Recognizing that Link wants a reward,[21] Chio has no choice but to give Link his most treasured item, three Big Hearty Truffles.[22] He suggests eating a dish made with Big Hearty Truffles, as it will soothe all of his pain.[23] After this, the Side Quest will be completed.

Chio feels privileged to have witnessed Link pulling out the Master Sword.[24] Without any additonal Trials for Link, he encourages him to go and save Hyrule Kingdom.[25] Meanwhile, Chio says the Koroks will be cheering for him from the Korok Forest.[26]


  • Aside from Hestu, Chio is the only Korok appearing in Breath of the Wild to have an entirely new character design, rather than one based on a Korok from The Wind Waker. He is also the only Korok, aside from Hestu, to have a unique character design not shared with any other Korok in the game.


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