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Chimneys are objects in Phantom Hourglass.[1]

Location and Uses

Chimneys are Ship Parts that can be obtained and added onto the SS Linebeck.

Chimneys can be obtained through various methods:

List of Chimneys

Chimney Description
PH Normal Chimney Model.png
Normal Chimney
The normal chimney that came with Linebeck's ship.
PH Elegant Chimney Model.png
Elegant Chimney
A simple shape, but something about it is so enticing.
PH Parasol Chimney Model.png
Parasol Chimney
A chimney made of iron. Caution: gets very hot when used!
PH Stone Chimney Model.png
Stone Chimney
A chimney once used by a bread baker. Smells fresh baked!
PH Strange Chimney Model.png
Strange Chimney
Looks a little like garbage, but that's its main appeal!
PH Demon Chimney Model.png
Demon Chimney
A chimney built for bubbling pots of white-hot magma.
PH Horn Chimney Model.png
Horn Chimney
An artistic chimney filled with rustic charm.
PH Tall Chimney Model.png
Tall Chimney
Towering over the horizon, all chimneys aspire to its glory.Created for those who live their years on the high seas.
PH Golden Chimney Model.png
Golden Chimney
A simple chimney, but its surfaces gleam mysteriously.


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