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Chilly Elixir
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Chilly Elixirs are Items in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

Drinking Chilly Elixirs will grant Link one level of Heat Resistance.[1] They do this by providing a cooling effect, making them important for travelling through the Gerudo Desert.[1]

When spoken to, Guy the Rito will complain about the heat at Kara Kara Bazaar.[2] He explains that he's heard of an Elixir that can help with the heat, but it isn't sold at the Bazaar.[3] However, despite knowing that he can find the insects needed in the Gerudo Highlands, Guy isn't motivated due to the monsters up there.[4] This initiates the Side Quest "An Ice Guy". Link can make a Chilly Elixir for Guy, who will be happy he can cross the Gerudo Desert during the day.[5] He'll give Link 50 Rupees as a reward.[6]

Chilly Elixirs can be made by Cooking any of the following critters with Monster Parts in a Cooking Pot:

By adding any of these chilly ingredients, Link can make a Chilly Elixir that will also heal him:


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