A pair of Chilfos

Chilfos are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They are Stalfos-like creatures, constructed of ice rather than bones. They are found most prominently in the Snowpeak Ruins, but they also appear in the Cave of Ordeals. Chilfos wield long, icy spears that, upon spotting an intruder, they throw at their target with great accuracy. If engaged in close quarters, they will block most attacks with their spears, retreating if it is broken. As they are creatures of ice, they are able to freeze the moisture in the air to create new spears within seconds. Chilfos themselves are seen to be "born" out of large icicles that often line the ceilings in the Snowpeak Ruins. When these fall down, Chilfos are instantly formed. If an icicle is within reach of the Ball and Chain, it can be broken prematurely from a distance and the Chilfos will be defeated before it even forms.

Chilfos can be destroyed in one hit by the Ball and Chain, a Bomb Arrow, or a Helm Splitter. A Spin Attack can break their spears while they are holding on to them. It is also possible to rush at Chilfos with the Spinner to instantly shatter their weapons and push them backwards while damaging them with multiple small hits. Also, Wolf Link can be very useful against groups of them as his agility allows Link to land quick hits on them shattering their spears in the process and also dodging their attacks. However, caution should be taken when approaching Chilfos, since their spears offer them an incredible range of attack that is even longer than Link's. Whilst not individually deadly, Chilfos are highly dangerous in large groups, as they will keep Link under constant attack from long range.

Other Appearances

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Link's Crossbow Training

Link fighting Chilfos in Link's Crossbow Training

Chilfos appear as enemy targets in the Snowpeak Ruins: Ranger stage.

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The name Chilfos is possibly derived from the word chill, meaning "coldness". The suffix –fos is also present, which is found in the names of many soldier-like enemies such as Lizalfos, Aeralfos and the aforementioned Stalfos.

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