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"Darling... Don't you remember? You promised you always protect me... Where is that brave fearless man i used to know... Its all my fault you've been put through this... I'm so weak, and it causes you so much trouble... I can't stand this I should just disappear. The time we spent together was such a happy time... I bid you farewell..."
— Chiko's Grandmother

Chiko's Grandmother is a character from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. She is the deceased mother of Chiko's Mum and the grandmother of Chiko. She has a paranormal ability that allows her to see the deceased, a trait shared by her descendants, although the potency of her powers far exceeds theirs.


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When Tingle first meets Chiko's Grandmother in the Icy Plains, he must give her Super Soup to awaken her. She introduces herself to Tingle and tells him that she senses someone is suffering in Port Town, and believes the Ghost Ringleader is the one to blame. Tingle informs the Port Town Guard, who rushes to the scene in a hot air balloon. The Port Town Guard later dies; Tingle returns to Chiko's Grandmother who tells him that she can do something to aid the guard, but to do this she requires a fee of roughly 1,000 Rupees. After being paid, she appears before the ghost of the Port Town Guard, pretending to be his wife. After doing so, the guard is resurrected, and defeats the Ghost Ringleader.

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