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Chief Soldiers are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. One serves as the main enemy of Lake Hylia, and others appear as standard enemies in many subsequent stages, including Hyrule Castle, the Death Mountain Foothills, The Field, The Swamp and the Realm of the Heavens.

Chief Soldiers are always accompanied by other Hyrule Guards. They attack with a single, quick slash in Link's direction with their large swords. To dispatch a Chief Soldier, Link must wait until it attacks, dodge the attack, and strike at its unarmored back or side. After a Chief Soldier and all of its minions have been defeated, large amounts of Force Gems will fall from the sky, and Tingle will fly in, attempting to collect some.

Chief Soldiers have the same armor as the Blue Knight. However, Chief Soldiers also have a helm that the Blue Knight does not possess.


Chief Soldier (Four Swords Adventures)

Chief Soldier (Four Swords Adventures)

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