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Chief Soldiers are Sub-Bosses in Four Swords Adventures.[1]


Chief Soldiers are Soldiers of Hyrule who have fallen under evil's influence.[2] They also appear as the main boss of the Lake Hylia and Death Mountain Foothills stages, and reappear in later stages as a normal enemy. Normally accompanied by a Pack of Soldiers, the Chief Soldier is comparatively much larger and tougher. It is virtually invulnerable to attacks from the front due to his huge sword and shield, and attacks with huge, powerful lunges when Link gets close. This attacking behavior is shared with the Big Dark Stalfos. Unlike the Stalfos, the Chief Soldiers use different tactics and order their troops around in battle. The Soldiers respond by charging forward or firing arrows when the Chief says "Forth!", and hide or retreat to his side for a defensive formation when he shouts "Back!". If the Chief Soldier misses with its lunging attacks, it leaves it wide open for a counter attack to the back or side. Chief Soldiers appear in blue, green or red armor (each increasingly stronger than the former), and they are even sometimes fought as pairs.

Once a Chief Soldier is defeated, his accompanying troops will be destroyed at the same moment. However, sometimes a Chief Soldier can be found leading his troops in a drill and will not immediately attack. If he is alerted to Link's presence, he and his soldiers will immediately charge. In these situations, if the Chief Soldier is killed and any other soldiers remain, they will run around aimlessly before exploding.


Other Appearances[]

Four Swords (Himekawa)[]

In the Four Swords manga by Akira Himekawa, a Chief Soldier is given the name Artura,[3] and is the leader of Hyrule's guardians. Artura is later possessed by Vaati.[citation needed] The Links hesitate to fight Artura and his soldiers due to them being former friends before falling under Vaati's influence.[citation needed]

Later, Link's Father is turned into a similar entity by Vaati and is sent to attack the Links, who he mistakes for impostors. But he is able to snap out of Vaati's control, and then attacks the Wind Mage, who was disguised as Zelda.


  • Blue Chief Soldiers wear the same armor, aside from the beaked helmet, as the Knights of Hyrule. The Big Dark Stalfos's silhouette is identical to the Chief Soldier.
  • Zelda.com described Chief Soldiers as "Chief Solders are massive sword-wielding knights who travel with large numbers of troops at their sides." The second description of Chief Soldier was misspelled as "Chief Solder."



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