"Before I die, I want to finish my work on flippers for swimming and rope that won't decay in water. I hope to aid all the people of the world by inventing such things!"
— Cheval

Cheval is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Cheval is an old inventor of items designed for use in water, living south of Lynna Village in the Past.


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After the completion of the Wing Dungeon, the Maku Tree communicates with Link and tells him about the location of the third of the Essences of Time; on Crescent Island. However, to get there, Link needs a raft from Rafton. In order to build the raft, Rafton requires Link to get rope that will not decay in water. He tells him that the inventor Cheval is working on it, but is unlikely to finish it anytime soon.

When Link meets him, he is indeed working on the rope as well as Zora's Flippers that allow the wearer to swim in the water. However, he tells Link that he is unlikely to finish these inventions in his lifetime.

Link travels to the present age and finds Cheval's grave in Yoll Graveyard. In order for Link to enter his grave and obtain the rope and Flippers, he has to help Moosh, also found in the graveyard. However, once he enters his grave, Link finds that the invaluable items are not simply up for grabs. He must complete a test of his physical prowess and agility in order to obtain them.

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