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The Chest Mini-Game Shop,[1] also named Treasure Game Shop,[2] is a location in The Minish Cap.

Features and overview[]

The Chest Mini-Game Shop is run by Borlov in Hyrule Town. At first, the shop is closed,[3][4] only opening after Link defeats Mazaal and obtains the Ocarina of Wind.[5] Borlov will let Link pay 10 Rupees to play the Treasure Chest Game,[6] though he attempts to dissuade Link from playing at all.[7]

After Link Fuses Kinstone Pieces with Spekter in the Royal Valley, Borlov will be inspired to create a separate difficulty of the Mini-Game,[8] so when Link next enters the Chest Mini-Game Shop and speaks to Borlov, he will let Link choose from either an easy or a hard difficulty level.[9]



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