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Check Skulltulas
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Reviewing the requirements to make a Gold Skulltula appear on the Stage

The Check Skulltulas screen is an interface in Hyrule Warriors.[1]


The Check Skulltulas screen can be accessed from the Warrior Info menu before starting a battle or during a battle. The Check Skulltulas screen allows the player to read what objectives must be fulfilled to make a Gold Skulltula appear during the battle.[2] Every Scenario will have a Gold Skulltula that will appear after 1,000 Enemies are defeated.[3] If a Gold Skulltula has been defeated, the Check Skulltulas menu will put a golden stamp reading "Got it!" on the Gold Skulltula objective.[4] If a battle in Adventure Mode or Challenge Mode without a Gold Skulltula is played, the option to go to the Check Skulltulas menu will appear in the Warrior Info menu, but selecting it will do nothing.


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