"Prepare and unleash a powerful attack."
— Ability Controls description

Charged Attacks are techniques from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are chargeable melee attacks that allow Link to use Stamina to perform a different attack depending upon the weapon he is currently wielding. These attacks include some of Link's iconic techniques, such as the Spin Attack and the Great Spin Attack; however, most of them leave Link wide open while charging.


Spin Attack

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Link's signature Charged Attack when wielding single-handed weapons including Swords, Clubs, Bokoblin Arms, Boomerangs, Rods, Torches, Tree Branches, Spring-Loaded Hammers, and Soup Ladles. The properties of Link's Spin Attack are determined by the weapon itself as cutting weapon's Spin Attack will cut grass, bushes, Raft mooring ropes, and trees while blunt weapons will not though they can still break Barrels, Pots, crates, and Ore Deposits however this will effect their durability. Elemental weapons add elemental effects to their Spin Attacks. Cutting grass with a Spin Attack does not effect weapon durability.

Great Spin Attack

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Link's signature Charged Attackfor most two-handed weapons save for Spears, Korok Leaf, Eightfold Longblade, and Windcleaver. Unlike past depictions Link can continue spinning by holding down the attack button as long as he has Stamina. Unlike other Charged Attacks, it does not actually require charging making it the easiest to initiate. If Link runs out of Stamina he ends the spin by slamming his weapon down creating a shockwave, though this leaves him wide open. However Link can simply end the attack before running out of stamina which will end the spin and not negatively effect Link. Link can move while spinning too as with past depictions. Like the normal Spin Attack the weapon determines the properties of Link's Great Spin Attack such as cutting power and elemental effects. Due to most two-handed weapons having high attack power and the ease at which it is initiated it is potentially one of the most powerful Charged Attacks.

Spear Charged Attack

Spears, Tridents, Halberds, and other polearms such as Fishing Harpoons, Farmer's Pitchforks, and Wooden Mops will produce a rapid forward spear thrust attack with decent range. Elemental Spears add elemental effects to this type of Charged Attack. The Drillshaft's Charged Attack can break Ore Deposits and Weak Walls.

Iaijutsu Charged Attack

The Charged Attack of the Eightfold Longblade is unique in that Link holds his sword in a crouching position while charging before dealing a single powerful sword slash which resembles Japanese iai-goshi.

Korok Leaf Charged Attack

The Korok Leaf has a unique Charged Attack in which Link charges up a downward swing that unleashes a strong gust of wind.

Set Bonus

The "Charged Atk. Stamina Up" set bonus granted by certain Armor sets (such as the Barbarian, Fierce Deity, and Royal Guard sets) decreases the amount of stamina used by Charged Attacks. The Royal Guard set has it available automatically, while the Barbarian and Fierce Deity sets must be upgraded by Great Fairies to two stars or higher.

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