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A list of the main and supporting characters from Zelda's Adventure.

Main Characters

Other Characters

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Plain of Andor


The Beggar is a woman found outside of the Mobilin's Head Inn in southwestern Tolemac. She was exiled from Great Wimbich and begs Zelda for a few Rupees to feed her children and to keep them out of the cold for the night.[1] Should Zelda give her 5 Rupees, she will give her the Firestorm Spell in gratitude.


Glebb[2] is a woman found in southwestern Tolemac, south of the Mobilin's Head Inn. She is dying of thirst and asks Zelda to fill her Empty Bottle at the River Source Pond. Once Zelda gives it to her, she rewards her the Vial of Winds in gratitude.


Krebb[3] is a man found inside the Mobilin's Head Inn. He has become weary and advises Zelda to give up on her journey. He becomes impressed by Zelda's insistence after speaking to him again, and he gives her the Dagger Spell to make better use out of.


Lothar[3] is the innkeeper of the Mobilin's Head Inn. He offers to sell Zelda the Calm Spell for 100 Rupees.

Riddle Woman

The Riddle Woman is found inside the Mobilin's Head Inn. She gives Zelda a riddle and a hint for exploring the Shrine of Earth, by telling her that a Candle and a silver key will bring her bliss. Despite this, the shrine does not require any keys to navigate.

Tired Traveler

The Tired Traveler is a man found inside the Mobilin's Head Inn. He is exhausted from having crossed the chasm in the Shrine of Earth. He laments that if he had the Ladder, it would have saved him months, thus giving Zelda a hint on how to cross the chasm.

Forest of Ogbam

Forest Trader

The Forest Trader is a merchant whose stall is set up in the Forest of Ogbam. He will sell Zelda a Candle for 100 Rupees and the Magic Shield for 500 Rupees. He gives Zelda some "autumn herb" for free, however this is not an actual item.[4]


The Hag is a woman in the Forest of Ogbam sitting next to a campfire. She beckons Zelda to come closer to hear a great secret. When Zelda approaches her, the Hag tells her not to trust "anyone with hair", including herself, and steals one of Zelda's Life Hearts.

Talking Chest

The Talking Chest is a Treasure Chest with the peculiar ability to speak. It is found in the Shrine of Earth, south of the orange Sardak. It relinquishes the Jade Ring Spell when approached. It is notably the only treasure chest encountered throughout the entire game.

Meadow of Skotness


The Farmer is a man who owns a farm in the Meadow of Skotness. He tells Zelda to beware the Leevers and Tektites that live in the meadows.

Ghost Farmers

The Ghost Farmers are a pair of farmers who live in a ruined farm house on the Meadow of Skotness. They have worked on the land for three hundred years.[5] One ghost mentions that one of Ganon's followers lives in a world of water. He also tells Zelda that she can cross any fjord of the Skotness River by using the Red Boots.

Talking Mushroom

The Talking Mushroom is an odd mushroom with a human-like face and the ability to speak. It lives in the Forest of Findo, and calls Moblins "slow and stupid".[6]

Great Wimbich


The Blacksmith is a man who runs the smithy in Great Wimbich. Although he is an honest and hardworking man, he complains that the townsfolk steal from him.[7] Zelda can bring him the Coal to turn into the Diamond, which is worth 999 Rupees. He also sells a Candle for 100 Rupees.

Dressy Woman

The Dressy Woman stands outside of a house in the outskirts of Great Wimbich. She tells Zelda to go to town to find "anything (she) could wish for" in the market shops.

Eric and Ian

Eric and Ian[8] are identical twin brothers who live in Great Wimbich with their father. They are unable to tell each other apart, and neither can their father.


The Lounger is a bored man who sits between the general shop and magic shop of Great Wimbich. He is bored with the town, its residents and its visitors, as nothing ever happens in town. He is accompanied by the general shop owner's dog, and he wishes that the dog would turn aggressive and bite to cause some excitement.

Madame Kriggle

Madame Kriggle[9] is a woman who runs the magic shop in Great Wimbich. She sells various magic Spells to Zelda, including the Rings of Fire, Turquoise Ring, and Jade Amulet Spells. She is also an old friend of Shurmak, who had told her of Zelda's coming.[10]

Shopkeeper and Knave

The Shopkeeper and Knave are a pair who run the general shop of Great Wimbich. The two share jokes with each other, but only to pass the time and to distract themselves from the troubled future of Tolemac.[11] The dog outside of the shop belongs to the shopkeeper.[12] He will sell Zelda a Bone for 20 Rupees, which can be given to his dog to receive the Short Axe Spell.

Town Merchant

The Town Merchant is a woman whose stall is set up in the town square of Great Wimbich. She will sell Zelda a Candle for 100 Rupees and a Life Potion for 200 Rupees. She and her husband once ran a locksmith forge for Warbane, until Ganon came and convinced Warbane into joining him.[13] With the forge closed, the couple were left with nothing and became town merchants.[14]


Yvonne[15] is a woman who lives in Great Wimbich and loves music. Shurmak had once helped her, so she in turn helps Zelda.[16] She gives Zelda a Flute to "soothe a savage beast", referring to a snake outside of town.

Forest of Torian

Sir Basil

Sir Basil[17] is a sword fighting trainer. He is sent by Shurmak to assist Zelda on her quest. He can be first found at the ruins of northern Forest of Torian, where he gives Zelda the Broadsword Spell. He is later encountered again at the Plain of Hobel near the Shrine of Strength, where he advises that Zelda use her Broadsword well in the upcoming shrine.


The Lodgekeeper is the keeper of the White Steed Lodge,[18] also known as the thieves' den.[19] He tells Zelda that the lodge is full, but she is welcome to rest there before continuing on her journey.

Main article: Waldensop

Waldensop is a man found outside of the White Steed Lodge, in the Forest of Torian.

Ubato Hills


The Bards are two musicians who live in the village of Ubato Hills, east of the Forest of Torian. They sing a song for Zelda with lyrics based on her journey if she speaks with them.

East Villager

The East Villager is a woman who lives in the eastern village of Ubato Hills. She notices that Zelda seems tired, and gives her the Noise Spell.

Ghost Woman

The Ghost Woman is a ghostly woman who wanders northern Ubato Hills, close to the Shrine of Destiny. She calls Zelda foolish for coming there, and says that any who tarries there never leaves. She appears to be accompanied by a ghostly dog.


Lonlyn[20] is a farmer who lives in the eastern village of Ubato Hills. He appears where the East Villager was. He is a man of little wealth, but gives Zelda 25 Rupees to aide her on her quest.

North Gubasha Desert

House Keeper

The House Keeper is a man who owns a house in North Gubasha Desert. He says that although the area can get colder than Ganon's heart, he had endured worse.[21] He tries to tell Zelda a story about how he was in a cold forest, but cannot remember if it was the Forest of Torian or the Forest of Canvula.[22]


The Mystic is a man who wears a big red robe and lives in North Gubasha Desert. He tells Zelda to go east to find the Shrine of Air.[23]

South Gubasha Desert


Myntoll[24] is a man who lives in the village of South Gubasha Desert. He offers Zelda no advice, and only asks if she grows bored with her quest. He becomes annoyed with Zelda's persistence when spoken to again.

Seacoast Plain

Beach Merchant

The Beach Merchant is a man who is found on the beach between the Seacoast Plain and Vendoss swamp. He had found the shipwreck of a vessel from a storm, and had collected some of the goods found in the wreck to sell.[25] He will sell Zelda a Candle for 100 Rupees and a Life Potion for 200 Rupees.


The Seafarer is a man found inside the lodge house in Seacoast Plain. He tells Zelda that she will not learn anything from the other sailors, as they have been to sea too long and their brains are "scrambled".


The Rafter is a sailor who ferries a raft in the Seacoast Plain. He allows Zelda to use the raft to reach the Sea Island, at the cost of 20 Rupees and a Vial of Winds. He explains that since the offshore wind has died down, Zelda must bring her own.[26]



Faust[27] is a man who runs a boat ferry service in the Vendoss swamp. For 2 Rupees, he offers to ferry customers to the Mystery Island in the middle of the swamp's lake. It is there that Zelda finds a Crystal Heart.

Gate Keeper

The Gate Keeper is a man who opens the gate that leads into the Vendoss swamp for 10 Rupees.

Hooded Woman

The Hooded Woman is found in the Vendoss swamp outside of Sirram Bew's dome house. She asks that Zelda enter their marsh village softly, and to not bring any enemies with her, as the village is a refuge from Ganon's followers.[28] She sits next to the Golden Boots, but does not acknowledge them.

Link's Guide

Link's Guide is a woman who lives in the Vendoss swamp. She had known Link and had served as his guide through Tolemac, until they were found and outnumbered by Ganon's spies, leaving his Guide injured and Link captured.[29] She gives Zelda the missing Map of the Shrine of Destiny. She wishes she could go with Zelda, but says she is not strong enough to join her journey and is still recovering. She however advises that Zelda heeds both Gaspra's and Shurmak's advice.

Sirram Bew

Sirram Bew[30] is a philosopher who lives in the domed house of the Vendoss swamp village. He offers Zelda insight to beware her enemies, but to also be a friend to those who are trustworthy.

Swamp Merchant

The Swamp Merchant is a man in the Vendoss swamp who sells a bottle of Repellent for 100 Rupees.

East Forest

Quarry Miner

The Quarry Miner is the prospector of a small quarry in the East Forest, close to the Shrine of Strength. He says that ever since Ganon had taken over Tolemac, he has seen little construction and no one comes to him for stones anymore.[31] He had found some Coal, but does not know how to claim its wealth, so he gives it to Zelda.


The Rebellion are a pair who are rebelling against Ganon. They have retreated to a sea cliff in the East Forest to practice the arts of rebellion, and can be seen sparring with each other.

Shrine of Strength


The Archer is a woman who is found in the Shrine of Strength. She tests Zelda's ability on using the Bow and Arrow Spell by having her target practice on three bears. She gives Zelda 25 Rupees for the first bear, 50 Rupees for the second bear, and 100 Rupees for the third bear.

Shrine Merchants

The Shrine Merchants are a pair of men who have set up stalls in the Shrine of Strength's main square. One merchant sells Zelda a Red Bow for 50 Rupees, a Bouquet for 20 Rupees, and a Saltcellar for 10 Rupees. Because the ribbon belongs to the Red Knight, it is implied this merchant had stolen it from him to sell.[32] The other merchant does not sell any items, but advises that Zelda gain skill in every weapon before facing Ursore.

Solitary Man

The Solitary Man can be found near the Shrine of Strength entrance. He says that no one ever comes to him anymore ever since Ganon had taken over Tolemac.

Thirsty Child

The Thirsty Child is a young boy who stands next to a well in the Shrine of Strength. He asks Zelda to draw him some water, and gives her the Golden Necklace Spell for her kindness.

Ticket Sellers

The Ticket Sellers are a pair of merchants who sell Tickets in the Shrine of Strength for 20 Rupees each. These Tickets are bought to challenge the Red and Blue Knights to a battle. The sellers will not let Zelda pass until she has purchased their Tickets.

Water Bearer

The Water Bearer is a woman found early in the Shrine of Strength. She gossips to Zelda about the shrine's people, and mentions her children have all moved to other areas of Hyrule, and how she wishes her husband would install running water in their house. She gives Zelda the shrine's Compass after listening to her talk.

Forest of Canvula


Two Goblins live in the town ruins of Canvula.[33] One is inside a ruined house and tells Zelda to leave, while the other gives Zelda the Joust Spell as a token of welcome.

Skate Dude

The Skate Dude appears near the lake in the Forest of Canvula as an Easter egg in reference to a canceled CD-i game called Food Dude. If Zelda stands near the lake and holds down a button equipped with the Diamond for six and a half seconds, the Skate Dude will appear from the trees to the south and shout "Radical, dude! Totally!" as he skates by.[34][35]



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