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Chancellor Cole is the penultimate boss from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.


During the battle, a possessed Princess Zelda (by Malladus) stands at the front car of the Demon Train while Chancellor Cole spawns ghostly white rats to attack Link and the Phantom (possessed by Ghost Zelda). The objective of the battle is to reunite Ghost Zelda in the Phantom with her body, while keeping Cole at bay. Attacking Malladus is useless as it creates an invulnerable barrier if Link attacks it with anything, even Light Arrows.

Initially, Cole periodically creates a ring of four rats around the Phantom, which circle it and slowly close in. As long as rats surround Zelda, she freaks out and cannot move due to her musophobia (a fear of rats), so Link has to destroy the rats to allow her to move on. If a rat touches the Phantom, Cole will create strings of energy which he uses to force the Phantom to attack Link until he cuts the strings with his Boomerang or sword. As Link gets closer to Malladus in Zelda's body, Malladus will shoot a laser at Link, which must be blocked by the Phantom. At this point, Cole floats on either side of the train, sending one or two rats at the Phantom. Again, Link must slay the rats before Cole can take control of Zelda's body, but he must also be mindful of Malladus' laser;if Zelda freaks out, she will be unable to block the beam.

Once Zelda gets to Malladus, she will grab him, and the princess-possesing demon will begin floating around. Link has to shoot him with the Bow of Light using a Light Arrow. If Link takes too long, Malladus will throw Zelda off him and float back onto the train.

Interestingly, before the battle Zelda will ask Link what he'll do afterwards, depending on how the questions answered one of three slightly different endings will play.


Chancellor Cole (Spirit Tracks)

Chancellor Cole (Spirit Tracks)

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