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"The ceremony's over, so I suggest you move along. Why don't you go polish your train or something. Not that it matters much... The thing will be useless before long!"
— Chancellor Cole

Chancellor Cole (キマロキ Kimaroki?) is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. He is the chancellor of New Hyrule and is one of the game's primary antagonists. While he takes the appearance of a Hylian, he is a demon serving Malladus; hidden beneath his hats are a pair of demonic horns.


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Chancellor Cole's True Form

Chancellor Cole's true form

Chancellor Cole resides in Hyrule Castle and works for Princess Zelda. While serving her, however, he plots to revive his true master, the Demon King, Malladus. He apparently feels that being the Chancellor would grant him a great deal of power and influence instead of just being, as he put it, "a royal babysitter." During the conductor initiation ceremony for Link, Cole comments that Link should polish his train before stating that it will not matter, as Link's train "will be useless before long," referring to the soon-to-be eliminated Spirit Tracks. When the Spirit Tracks start disappearing, however, Zelda grows suspicious of Cole and requests for Link to transport her to the Tower of Spirits with his Wooden Train.

Link and his mentor, Alfonzo, set out from the castle station, but are stopped en route by Chancellor Cole and his second-in-command, Byrne. The pair easily defeat Link and Alfonzo and go on to murder Princess Zelda. Chancellor Cole then takes Zelda's lifeless body and uses it as a vessel in an attempt to revive the Demon King, Malladus. After Cole manages to revive Malladus at the Altar of the Demon King, he betrays Byrne, revealing to him that he was being manipulated all this time.

To stop him, Princess Zelda's ghost inhabits a Phantom and aids Link in stopping Chancellor Cole and reviving herself. When Link shoots Malladus with the Bow of Light, Malladus' spirit is separated from Princess Zelda's body and, thanks to Byrne holding Malladus off, allowing Zelda to return to it. Without Zelda's body to serve as a vessel, Malladus' spirit proceeds to possess the body of Chancellor Cole instead, much to Cole's horror and reluctance; however, as Cole's body is not fully compatible with Malladus' spirit, Malladus decides to cause as much destruction as possible before he is forced out of Cole's body. They are soon defeated by Link and Princess Zelda. Cole is presumably destroyed along with Malladus.

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"Cole" is likely a play on the word coal as a reference to the widespread use of trains in New Hyrule. His Japanese name, "Kimaroki", refers to the Japanese Kimaroki Consist.

Non-Canon References

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends Fairy Clothing Chancellor's Hat (Headgear)
Hyrule Warriors Legends Fairy Clothing Chancellor's Jacket (Top)
Hyrule Warriors Legends Fairy Clothing Chancellor's Trousers (Bottom)

As part of the Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks DLC, Chancellor Cole's outfit appears as three pieces of Fairy Clothing: Chancellor's Hat, Chancellor's Jacket, & Chancellor's Trousers.

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