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This article is about the Recovered Memory in Breath of the Wild. For the Main Quest, see "EX Champion Urbosa's Song".
Champion Urbosa's Song
BotW Champion Urbosa's Song.png
Number EX Recovered Memory #4
Main Quest "EX Champion Urbosa's Song"
Location Divine Beast Vah Naboris
Previous MemoryNext Memory
"Champion Mipha's Song""The Champions' Ballad"

"Champion Urbosa's Song" is the fourth Recovered Memory in The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack for Breath of the Wild.[1]


"Champion Urbosa's Song" can be accessed by listening to Kass sing the song he composed in honor of Urbosa.[2] The memory begins in the throne room of Gerudo Town, with Princess Zelda stands with two handmaidens in front of Urbosa.

Urbosa accepts Zelda's request for her to be a Champion and pilot of Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[3] She notes that while the Yiga Clan are attempting to resurrect Calamity Ganon, they are also after the treasured Thunder Helm.[4] She vows not to rest until the Calamity falls.[5] Zelda thanks Urbosa on behalf of Hyrule Kingdom and the King Rhoam.[6]

That night, Urbosa and Zelda walk together outside of the walls of Gerudo Town. Zelda reveals that she has never seen Urbosa so serious before.[7] Urbosa replies that ten years ago, Zelda rarely smiled at all, calling her "little bird".[8] Zelda recognizes the nickname and asks where Urbosa got it from.[9]

However, Urbosa stops in her tracks, and she demands for two passing travelers to face her.[10] Urbosa says that she prefers to face her enemies head on and calls the men traitors.[11] She draws the Scimitar of the Seven and tells them to do their worst.[12]

The men finally reveal themselves to be Yiga Footsoldiers, lunging at Urbosa. She is able to parry one away with Daybreaker, which throws him off enough for her to knock him to the ground. The second Footsoldier jumps up behind her, and Zelda shouts in fear.[13] Urbosa uses her fury to electrocute him. She looks back at the soldiers and tells them they may keep their lives, but only out of respect for Zelda.[14] The two Footsoldiers disappear together.

Returning to their conversation,[15] Urbosa reveals that she calls Zelda "little bird" because he friend called her that when she was a child.[16] Zelda realizes that Urbosa is referring to her mother.[17] Ten years ago, when Zelda's mother passed away, Urbosa says that Zelda became a beacon of light that Hyrule needed.[18] Urbosa forgets herself sometimes and becomes lost in the past.[19]


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