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This article is about the Recovered Memory in Breath of the Wild. For the Main Quest, see "EX Champion Revali's Song".
Champion Revali's Song
BotW Champion Revali's Song.png
Number EX Recovered Memory #1
Main Quest "EX Champion Revali's Song"
Location Divine Beast Vah Medoh
Next Memory
"Champion Daruk's Song"

"Champion Revali's Song" is the first Recovered Memory in The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack for Breath of the Wild.[1]


"Champion Revali's Song" is triggered by listening to Kass play the song of the same name, in which he describes the events of the memory.[2] It opens with Princess Zelda riding her White Horse up to the Flight Range with two guards. There, she encounters Revali, where he activates his Gale and uses it to fly up into the sky. However, he ends up thrown off and gets caught in the whirlwind, and he ends up crashing to the ground.

Picking himself up, Revali reprimands himself, saying it's not enough and that he needs to stay in the eye of the whirlwind.[3] However, he notices Zelda watching, and reminds her it's rude to eavesdrop.[4] Zelda apologizes, saying the citizens of Rito Village told her he could be found there.[5]

Revali deduces that Zelda has come to recruit him in the fight against Calamity Ganon.[6] He tells her that it will be his pleasure to slay the beast.[7] Joyfully, Zelda starts to thank Revali and assure him of their ability to defeat the Calamity if they work together.[8] But before she can finish, Revali interrupts her [9]

Once again, Revali activates his Gale, but this time he's able to fly to its height without falling. Once he's airborne, he locks onto three of the Flight Range's targets. He dives down and knocks three Bomb Arrows, destroying all of the targets at once. Landing on the rocks at the bottom of the Range, he uses his Gale once more to soar around, blowing up all of the targets.

Revali lands outside of the Flight Range's hut, and he asserts to Zelda that he will play the biggest role in helping the knight with the darkness-sealing sword.[10] He tells her that if Link loses his confidence after seeing him in action not to come crying to him.[11]


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