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This article is about the Recovered Memory in Breath of the Wild. For the Main Quest, see "EX Champion Mipha's Song".
Champion Mipha's Song
BotW Champion Mipha's Song.png
Number EX Recovered Memory #3
Main Quest "EX Champion Mipha's Song"
Location Divine Beast Vah Ruta
Previous MemoryNext Memory
"Champion Daruk's Song""Champion Urbosa's Song"

"Champion Mipha's Song" is the third Recovered Memory in The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack for Breath of the Wild.[1]


"Champion Mipha's Song" is triggered by listening to Kass sing his song about Mipha at Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[2] It opens with Mipha and Princess Zelda standing atop the Veiled Falls together.

Mipha asks Zelda who the rest of the Champions are.[3] Zelda informs her of Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa,[4] but she is unable to bring herself to say Link's name.[5] However, Mipha realizes who she is talking about.[6]

Looking down the falls, Mipha notices Sidon paddling at the bottom.[7] She encourages him to swim up and join the two of them,[8] But Zelda is worried that he is still too young.[9] Mipha says that one day, she will have to leave him to fight Calamity Ganon with Ruta,[10] before jumping and sliding down the waterfall to Sidon.

Mipha tells Sidon to join her on the way up so he can get a feel for it.[11] While going up the waterfall, Sidon is nervous and at first struggles to stay balanced on Mipha's back, but he is able to correct himself before they reach the top. Mipha cups Sidon's face, and says that if they're ever parted by fate, it will be up to him to protect Zora's Domain.[12] When Mipha asks if he understands,[13] Sidon nods. She says that she believes in him and asks if he wants to try the waterfall one more time.[14] He smiles at her, and Mipha and Sidon laugh together as Zelda watches on.


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