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Not to be confused with The Ceremonial Song.

The Champion Festival Song,[1] also known as the Ceremonial Song,[2] is a Song in Breath of the Wild.

Learning Location and Uses[]

The Champion Festival Song is taught to Link by Laruta. She is seen singing it by Mipha's statue.[3][4] If Link allows her, Laruta will sing the entire Song to him.[1] When the conversation ends, the Shrine Quest "The Ceremonial Song" is unlocked.

The Champion Festival Song was used at the Zora's Champion Festival.[1]


The lyrics hint how the Shrine Quest can be completed: the "scale of light" refers to the Ceremonial Trident, "Splits the feet of a Veiled Falls sight" indicates that Link must jump from the top of Veiled Falls and plunge the Ceremonial Trident into the pedestal of the Ancient Shrine below it, represented by "Your trial awaits, it's glowing bright."

A gift from the sky...
a scale of light...
Splits the feet...
of a Veiled Falls sight...
Your trial awaits...
It's glowing bright...


  • The lyrics used by Laruta when singing to herself are slightly different from the actual song.[5]


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